Speaking of numbers...

A snarkling croupier is calculating her odds:

My questions - what approximate percentage of your incoming queries merit a request for a partial manuscript submission? What percentage then merit a request for a full submission? And of those, what percentage do you end up making an offer on?

My apologies if you've already answered this. I looked through your blog and don't remember seeing this topic.

On average I get 100 query letters a week.

I request 2 or 3 full or partials from that. I request full manuscripts if I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it, and a partial if I'm less sure and just don't want to overlook something. Each agent chooses differently so this is not to be written down in the Ironclad Rule book.

I probably read between 20 and 50 before finding one to offer on. Sometimes I don't get the client cause they've signed elsewhere or after talking with them I decide they are deranged, too much trouble, witlesss, whiny, or otherwise unsuited to the rigors of Snarkly Representation.

I also get clients from referrals though too, and that's a different process.


Rhonda said...

Thank you for answering my question, Miss Snark!

Anonymous said...

You did not mention of those new clients who you take on, what percentage of both fiction and non do you actually sell? Of those clients whom you've already sold once, what percentage are you able to sell a second time?

And what is the average length of time you will have a client versus choosing after one book to let them go because the book did not sell or not sell well enough?