Unagented contracts

A Snarkling is taking multiple choice out for a ride tonight:

Is it really easier to get a reputable agent after you have a contract on the table?

sure. all that messy selling process is done and cleared away. Send my commission check please. You can probably get a disreputable one too...oh wait, you didn't know about that morals charge did you?

What would be the appropriate protocol for contacting an agent in that case?

email or phone, "Hi I sold a book to Random House and I need an agent!"

Alternatively, if you have requested revisions out there and it has been several months, would it be worthwhile to try to find an agent in the hopes of expediting the process?

never hurts, but I've never been part of this process.

Or would this likely make your editor angry? I've had requested revisions hung in limbo for more than nine months before only to end up with a reject. Not much stinks worse than an insta-reject on a requested revision, but I think the nine month rejects just might!

editors tend to like having agents around cause they can tell them the bad news to relay to the author indirectly. We have "Buffer" tattooed on our posteriors.

Just make sure when you contact agents you let them know you've sent work in to places, and to whom. Don't be coy. Nothing makes an agent grumpier than looking like an idiot for asking about a project that's been rejected previously. I know. How do you think I got so snarky?


Gabriele C. said...

And here I thought you were born snarky.

*runs off leaving a trail of George Clooney pics behind to distract Miss Snark*

Anonymous said...

I love your sharp wit, Miss Snark. I picture you as a young, lean and in the age group of 25 to 26. You hate sweets and chocolates.

Miss Snark said...

Gee Anon, I'd say thanks but my mouth is full of choccies. Not to mention Cafe Bustelo.

Anonymous said...

Adding on to this topic, if you have a contract on the table, and contact an agent, does the agent then ask to see your other works? Aside from the one commission, I assume the agent would want to see if your writing is the calibre he/she wants to represent?