What do you call a group of Snarklings?

Miss Snark begins her mornings with Cafe Bustelo, a cold compress on her fevered brow, the New York Times...and Word A Day

Once a week, the moderator of the site collects the comments and emails them to subscribers (the subscription is free and it's great fun). Recently there was discussion about the names of groups of things: a murder of crows, a herd of horses...and then these suggestions!!!

An earful of iPod users.
A clique of photographers.
A scourge of evangelists.

A roll of tootsies.
A whine of teenagers.
A cacophony of DJs.

A barf of bulimics.
A sounder of politicians at pork barrel.
A surfeit of spammers.

A gargle of word enthusiasts.
A stonish of wonders.
An overcharge of plumbers.

A bling of celebrities.
A wanding of airport screeners.
A lunching of executives.

A blather of bloggers.
A conjugation of grammarians.
A contingent of understudies.

A flight of runaway brides.
A covey of highly effective people.

A pride of expectant fathers.

A lot of used car salesmen.
A pinch of shoplifters.
A stupor of television viewers.

A screech of American Idol contestants.
A tax dodge of gin palaces.

a dither of deans
a vacuum of Vice-Chancellors.
a tangle of hairdressers

An enthusiasm of AWAD subscribers.

My question is: what do you call a group of snarklings?



kaolin fire said...

a sussuration of snarklings
a snide of snarklings
a stiletto of snarklings
a simmering of snarklings
a snorkling of snarklings
a carol of snarklings
a hunting of snarklings
a snipe of snarklings
a query of snarklings


Lynn Raye Harris said...

A snicker of snarklings.

Brady Westwater said...

a snarl of snarklings

a snifter of snarklings

a snare of snarklings

a sneer of snarklings

Jessica Madden said...

A gossip of snarklings.

jan said...

Oh, I really liked a
sneer of snarklings
a stiletto of snarklings
a snipe of snarklings

a grumble of snarklings
a sly of snarklings
an elite of snarklings

kitty said...

"Snicker" & "snifter" are good!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

I like "a sneer of snarklings", myself.

kitty said...

A gin pail of snarklings?

Bernita said...


Evilqueen1963 said...

A snit of Snarklings.

Jillian said...

Well shoot, I missed the whole thing!

May I say something unrelated that has to do with cleverness of words? You, Miss Snark, have come up with some of the most creative blog titles I've ever read.


Sometimes I read your titles and laugh before I get any further.

There must be a market out there, somewhere, for title-writing, yes?

Gina MarySol Ruiz said...

I'm too late with my Speakeasy of Snarklings. Sigh.

Fish Monkey said...

Well, if snarklings are anything like crows, I'd say murder. Yes, murder of snarklings.

Ellen said...

A fury of snarklings

A confession of snarklings

A representation of snarklings

A folio of snarklings

A complainer of snarklings

I agree, though. Devotion is good.

bordermoon said...

A boojum of snarklings?