Excess gin, my aunt fanny

Money flows FROM the agent to the writer. To be oh-so-technical, Miss Snark, shouldn't that be FROM the publisher THROUGH the agent, to the writer? Miss Snark may be doing very well indeed (witness, two vacations in as many months) but I strongly suspect the only thing flowing from her is excess gin (carefully dabbed from the corner of her mouth with a cocktail napkin) during careless swilling.

Of course the money comes from the publisher.
And we all come from God too.
Doesn't mean I'm praying for my Con Ed bill to disappear.

The point is the writer doesn't pay the agent.

And don't get snarky with ME, boyo.
There's only room for one snark here I have the patent on it.
Now slink off and go write something so Miss Snark can pay her electric bill.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'd hold up his next royalty check and tell him...."Umhp, in a gin induced coma...I forgot where I laid it down. Maybe I used it for a cocktail napkin!

Just kidding.

You must forgive him, 70X7, but when you get to 490, clean his clock!

Shadow said...

Interestingly enough, snarky wasn't my intention, so don't go snapping my balls off. (Oh; wait; someone already did. One of the large entities who feed me took me to this little room; man in white coat; funny smells; but I digress.)

My point, as you so frequently and accurately point out, is that there is a vast amount of woeful ignorance out there about the publishing industry. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if there were writers who believe that agents actually purchase their work and then turn around and sell them to editors. The way your original comment was phrased could, to ignorant eyes, appear to be saying just that. You and I and all of Snarkdom knows this is hogwash, but then there are people who think that PublishAmerica is a real publisher. Recall that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American. (Not, of course, the above-average Snarkling.)

Miss Snark said...

well, that scenario never even occured to me, so perhaps you were not being snarky. Now -I- will slink off to write a check to ConEd.

Shadow said...

Shadowy, yes. Snarky, never.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Stay away from PublishAmerica. They're a POD...Yikes!