Frankenfurter wit catch up

Should I be disappointed that my agent isn't catching the flight with you to Frankfurt to pitch my book?

By this I mean that I have a sneaking suspicion that all the good stuff happens there. Do you hold back on some of your hoard for more opportune dates like fairs at Franfurt/NyC/London?

Can you let us know more about the timing of your pitches! Is there a season to this literary world?

Not everyone goes to Frankfort. It's mostly a place to do foreign rights although some American rights are sold or announced there. It's a place to meet the publishers from the non English speaking world like Finland, Thailand and Nigeria (who knew!).

Mostly these folks are interested in work that's already been sold here. I take finished copies and of course lists of projects available.

I go to shop the stuff that my foreign rights people aren't doing. But mostly I go to revel.

There is definitely a season to the literary world and we're in the middle of the busiest time of the year right now. I'm not reading much that is just over the transom right now; it's all I can do to keep up with the day to day biz and the works in progress that are selling right now.

On the other hand, don't even think about this. Just write. Then send. We'll read your query when we can. It just may take longer. If you try to time it, you'll go crazy.


Bernita said...

This is a Faith Popcorn sort of question.
Miss Snark, while carousing, did you happen to run into anything about The Myths series (Jamie Byng of Cannongate + parnerships) at the Fair?
Though the concept will be (is) based only on well-known writers, do you think the ambition of this project might represent a trend by publishers towards novels involving fantasy?
Writers often are involved in myth-making to some degree, but wonder if this represents a more overt recognition?

Travis said...

Why are you surprised by the presence of Nigerians at Frankfort, Miss Snark? Don't you know that almost all of them are sitting on vast piles of their dead fathers' gold that they need to sneak out of the country before the new dictator finds out?