Garden Variey Critique Groups

Due to a travel-crazy job, I've only been in online groups... which have yet to work out for me. Maybe someday I'll find one that works. In the meantime, I have a group of writing friends who I can ask for crits when I'm having problems with something, or before something goes out to an agent or editor. It's working much better.I think the best presentation I've seen of the problems inherent in writers groups is Brian Plante's Chronicles of the Garden Variety Writers here<> . Definitely worth a read. (And, uh, if you have issues with the idea of what he's doing, skip to the last entry -- just trust me there.)

Read the entire blog of this.
Don't skip to the end!
Takes about half an hour.

One of the great things about this blog is what you Snarklings send me!


~lannalee~ said...

I feel cheated. (But then again, I am a bit gullible).

G. Jules Reynolds said...

*curtsey* You're muchly welcome. I'm happy it was enjoyed!

kmfrontain said...

Interesting lesson. Mostly I only learned to read to the end and to be grateful that I did. Wish editors were the same about submissions that don't bang by page two.

Kate R said...

Now that was a good time. He had me until he went into the closet. . .I don't understand the significance of bay leaves. They must mean something.

Molly said...

Not getting why this is so great. I read the first few entries, would have stopped but for Miss Snark's enthusiastic endorsement. Skimmed a few more. Didn't engage me at all. Should I be worried that I am too dense to miss the stirring insights others are catching in between the pedestrian descriptions of the group's meetings?

Nora McCrea said...

That was f/ing hilarious. I really did think he was fake making it up until I considered he probably made up "Pamela's" blog too.