Gimme yer digits dammit

I'm seriously annoyed with people who write really great blogs and don't list their email.
I'm REALLY f/ing annoyed with people who write really great blogs, mention ME, and don't list their email.

this one

and this other one

What's the problem here?
One too many emails from Nigeria?
Suck it up.

One too many emails offering to enlarge your penis?
suck it up!

One too many emails offering to publish your book for a very small fee, no surly agents required, needed or allowed?
Oh, ok I get your point.

But seriously, if I wanted to just read something, I have this odd little thing here called a book. When I'm surfing your blog, I wanna TALK BACK!!!!

Suck it up - post an email.


Douglas Hoffman said...

I don't get it. Why don't you use the comments? If nothing else, you could demand the blogger's email addy that way.

Anonymous said...

MacAllister Stone's Yahoo email address is right in her profile


I always check Blogger profiles. Some members (like me) post their Homepage/Website links, which might have their addresses listed. On my Homepage I insert spaces in my email--not only cause of the Nigerians and penis enlargers, but also the incessant PayPal notices and mortgage offers and Wal-Mart offers and Pizza Hut offers and (insert whatever you want here as many times as you want). I HATE spam lately.

Miss Snark said...

I don't like to leave comments if they've just posted a link, or as one person did, post something I've said in a box.

Telling them I think their blog is fabu seems like such a suck up in public if they've recently added me to the blog roll. I like to email..sue me!

I didn't see that yahoo address, I'll go back.
Blogger can be strange about letting me see things sometimes.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

OK, Miss Snark...check out my blog....I spelled your name right and you know how to find me!

Desperate Writer said...

Well, I'm guessing I'm not one of the brilliant ones. :) hehehehe

Miss Snark said...

Dear DW, this wasn't a survey of ALL blogs that do that just the last two I noticed.

kitty said...

Y'know what I pisses me off? All those blogs by known writers who don't allow comments!

Paul M Jessup said...

Oh shit-

Sorry, I use Word Press to create my blog...heh...execuses...heh...hrm.

I'll put my email up post-haste. here is isfor now, and soon to be on my site:


/me goes and hides in shame...

Desperate Writer said...

I was just having a bit of fun! :) Have a good weekend!

Mama Rose said...

I haven't put my email in my blog yet. I've been debating whether I want to because I really, really hate dealing with spam. And it seems like an open invite to the spammers to put it on my blog. :)


Brady Westwater said...

Since many blogs are designed using FIREFOX, it can be hard to find the e-mail or the profile if you are using IE or any browser other than FIREFOX. It took me awhile before I realized that all my contact info was listed BELOW my 300 posts on IE rather than on my front page as it is on FIREFOX.

kitty said...

Don't put up your primary e-mail; put up a yahoo or hotmail address, instead. That's what I did. I was advised to type it out like this:
myname at hotmail dot com

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Mama Rose...I wanted to contact you, so since you didn't have an email address, I just posted a comment. hope that was all right!

I guess I'm lucky, my ISP blocks spam.

Gabriele C. said...

I have my email on my website which is linked via my blog. But I've added it at the end of my blogroll now.

After all, I've yahoo with a very good spam guard. All those Nigerian penis enhancers who want to know the code of my bank accounts, end up in the dark, mouldy dungeon.

Tisha from Texas said...

You are right. I was chastized for not having a public email on my first blog, so when I upgraded to the full color baby, I went with a 'name' email, easy to remember and all that.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't want you to visit, but I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't scared to death of your review/commentary. Take it easy on this old Southern momma, it's been a hard month.

New blog: www.tishasharp.com

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mark said...

I know who ms. Ms. Stone is: a Canadian and frequent poster on the Publishamerica thread at absolutewrite. They're all fearful of posting real addresses.

Mac said...

Mark, you're an idiot. (Not to put too fine a point on it.) I'm actually a moderator at Absolute Write. I post on most of the threads there, from time to time. I'm not, in fact, Canadian--I'm in the Seattle area. I'm not in the least bit afraid to post my real addy.

My email is indeed available on my profile, and also on my profile at the forum. macallisterstone AT yahoo dot com, just in case anyone's missed it, at this point.

Miss Snark, I'm sure no one would ever suspect you of sucking up--but even if they did, isn't that one of the benefits of anonymity? If not, I've been wasting a good amount of fantasy time thinking otherwise. *sigh*

Now, back to quiet non-confrontational lurking...

Shalanna Collins said...

I've mentioned you in a few entries on my LiveJournal, in fact . . . you can always leave a comment. That comment (at least in the LiveJournal system) gets e-mailed to me. If anonymous, it is screened until I unscreen or reply to it. That system works pretty well to keep LiveJournal users from getting a lot of spam. I have my e-mail address listed under my profile, so that means a few more clicks. But it also means that automatic spiders looking for e-mail addresses on weblog and LiveJournal entries don't find it. It's a little more trouble to find my e-mail, but that usually means it's not found by the automated search systems, which makes up for it.