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Have seen a certain buzz in the blogosphere about agents surfing the net in search of marketable writers, with subsequent advice for self-censorship about whining about rejections, cold and heartless editors/agents, etc. on personal blogs.

The advice part is good - whining is what mosquitoes do - but the buzz seems to have taken on aspects of an urban legend.

I can see an agent/editor googling a writer's blog AFTER they have become interested in a submission, but the idea of agents so hungry for talent seems, well, ridiculous. Could we have a stiletto observation on this latest version of the film star discovered at Burger King?

Thank you. You delight my days.

Well Bernita my devoted snarkling, does it alarm you to know I read yours?

And there are six people this season alone who wrote blogs and got book deals. It happens. It’s going to happen more often.

Agents and editors cruise around the blogosphere like anyone else. We look for our names. We look for our client's names. We look for gossip about people we know. So if some blogger is yapping about cold cruel heartless Miss Snark, chances are I'm reading it. If you show up on Google, I'll see it.

I think it's a VERY bad idea to whine about people by name if you're posting under your own name, or can be identified. That stuff has a way of coming back to haunt you.

Now, the exception to this is of course if an agent is running a scam, or if someone is holding out promise of results that are statistically unlikely in the extreme. Thus I'm not bothered by posting about the Bookner site, nor about Dorothy Deering nor about those sleaze mills iUniverse et al.

But, if you start posting that Miss Snark is a lamebrain, I assure you, I'll not only see it, seventeen people will email me the link before noon.

I may not be looking for clients when I cruise your site, but I'll see what you're saying.

Suck it up Snarklings.


Bernita said...

It doesn't alarm me.
It astonishes me.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Only 17? ;)

You write too interestingly to have that few.

Miss Snark said...

I like your blog. I think you're a good writer. Try not to faint dead away until you've set down your beverage du jour.

jeanette said...

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jay said...

*sigh* I wish Miss Snark would stop mentioning Bookner so I wouldn't have to come here and rectify things all the time. For the record Bookner is more anti self-publishing than any other entity on the Internet, including Miss Snark, so it is extremely disappointing to be castigated in the same sentence as iUniverse, the implication being that iUniverse and Bookner are birds of the same feather. Nothing could be further than the truth; if iUniverse is a bird, then Bookner is a blow dart.

Elektra said...

I repeat: antibookner.blogspot.com
On another note, Miss Snark, have you ever found yourself (well, your real-world self) on a client's blog?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Auugghh....bookner guy is back! Obviously, he reads Miss Snark on a REGULAR basis, or he would not know that his personage was being bantied about. Gotcha' booknerbaby!
Go Elektra...love the site, girl!

Elektra said...

Thanks, Bonnie...I saw your synopsis on honest critiques. He's the editor, but I've gotta say, I thought the book sounded really fun. I could almost hear the movie trailers as I read

Elektra said...

Oh, and guess what? Mr. Gonzales is creating an anti-anti-bookner. I can't wait.

Miss Snark said...

I'm beginning to think Mr Bookner isn't very bright. Or is he purposely obtuse just to facilitate continued conversation about him?

Elektra said...

At least we always have Miss Snark to come back to for a refreshing piece of wit

Bernita said...

~placing a bacardi coctail glass carefully on a side table~

occasional_anonymous said...

Booknerguy welcomes debate and discussion by closing his blog to comments. So I guess he has to come here to find someone to talk to!

jan said...

Well, realistically, the comments on the guy's blog probably weren't very nice.

Elektra said...

No...he closed his comments when I asked for the credentials of the people quoted on his website. Nothing not-nice about it, he just didn't want tough questions

jan said...

He didn't have any not nice comments? Poor guy must not have been discovered then because he certainly has plenty of reason to draw ... um... unpleasantness. I've seen folks who were both less clueless and less pompous who drew positive crap showers.

One tough question and he closed the comments? That would be a little wimpy, especially when he could've just deleted the question. Clueless...pompous...and wimpy? Tsk tsk. They Internet doesn't make archvillains like it used to.

Elektra said...

He deleted many a comment before he just stopped them all together

occasional_anonymous said...

Writers are often told that a web presence is a useful marketing tool and they should establish one. Then they are told to be very careful what they say.

Obviously, acting professionally by not dissing other professionals is good advice. Yet anything they say might offend someone--a potential agent, publisher, editor, reader--who doesn't share their opinions or beliefs.

How do you create a web presence without actually saying anything? Or is it just publish and be damned?

bordermoon said...

Bookner-man is back? Didn't he swear on a stack of (insert theological tomes of your choice here)that he'd never darken this blog's towels again?

Apparently "never" now means "about five minutes"....

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Thanks Elekta for the encouragement. Torgo was so right-on with the synopsis. I was just too close to it, to see the conundrums. I'm workin' it!

OOh, Miss Snark, I needed to put on my glasses. At first I thought you said booknerdude flatulated...I was ready to ask, what kind of interactive blog that was, so I didn't get one.....but then with my specs on I was completely disheartened to discover that you said facilitate...oh pashaw!!! Personally I think he is well rounded, cause he doesn't have a point! Yikes!!! Let me leave before I get in trouble!

FerfeLaBat said...

Lemme get this straight ... because I want to make sure I have it all in order before I submit it to Snopes.com for their Urban Legend \ Myth Buster archive. You are saying that Jimmy Hoffa, Bigfoot and Waldo were all found by agents and editors via their blogs?


As to an unknown writer snagging a contract because some editor or agent discovered his or her blog, well, even Snopes.com would bother with it. They only post stuff gullible fools might believe. Remember the exploding can of biscuits story? Love that one.

Dorothy said...

Interesting this subject should come up right now in a group which lead me to this link. I'm hosting Jessica Faust in my writing group and she's saying the very same thing. Oops, lol, I guess when she googles herself, she'll find this post, but it's interesting to hear that agents and publishers do google (of course, they're human as we all are)and do find potential clients. I haven't heard of anyone doing so right off hand, but you mention a few in your post, so I guess it does happen. Interesting.