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Miss Snark, I love reading your blog but can't post from the site as I don't have a blogger account. I just wanted to know... while we are waiting for your crapometer to return, what do you think of this site for feedback?

I'm sorry I had to turn off the anon comment feature. It was too hard to keep all the anons separate, particularly when one was a real snarlpuss. If you want to comment, send me an email and I'll post it for you.

Now, as to Torgo.
He's running a free critique service.
Talk about brave.

Says he's an editor reading a slush pile during his day job. He's in the UK so there's not much chance I actually know him personally.

But what the heck. A cursory look at what he's got up seems to be ok. I'm NOT going to read it in depth and at length. I've got my own personal slush pile right here.

If you want some commentary, why not? Like all things, take it with a grain of salt. Read the postings, look at his comments, see if what he says makes sense.

Unlike Bookner, the solution in search of a problem, you don't have to invest scads of time, and he's not asking you for money, so it seems ok to me.


Gabriele C. said...

I've this site on my blogroll since the first day it came to life. I think it's a good one; he gives you feedback on the first chapter of a novel, or a short story, mostly in the way, "this would not make it out of the slushpile, because ...." It's the meaning of one editor, but it is helpful, imho. I plan to send him something soon.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I presently have a chapter for critique with him. He says, mine should be up soon. I like his site. He gives good feedback and helpful suggestions, but he doesn't pull any punches. He could almost be a Mr. Snark. Okay, Miss Snark, put down the stilleto....I said ALMOST...:-)

jay said...

For the record, you don't have to invest scads of time at Bookner, the solution in search of a problem, either. At least, not any more time than you are already spending on sending query after query after query after query, until, after 157 queries, you think, OK, I've had this many rejections, my hair has turned grey, perhaps it's time to... Send one more query. There is a lot of ambiguity with the current system. Writers just don't know when to move on, because there is plenty of lore about authors finally getting a book deal after three score rejections and seven years of trying. I am puzzled why this is not a problem that needs addressing.

jay said...

Oh, and since Miss Snark's post might give the erroneous impression that we are asking for money I'd like to state for the record that Bookner is not asking for money, either. Thanks.

Elektra said...

I thought he said a few posts ago that he wasn't commenting here anymore? antibookner.blogspot.com
Bonnie, you'll have to keep us posted on how your first chapter does

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I recieved my critique from honest Critique today on his blogsite. I think it was all fair and justified. He brought up quite a few valid points that had escaped me because I'm so close to the story. All in all, I'd say it has been a very useful learning experience. and I'm encouraged that it will hep me grow as a writer.

Irregardless of what some people think (can anybody say booknerbaby or dude or whoever he is) I wouldn't go to an electrical engineer about writing.

I'd go to an EDITOR or an AGENT...Oh pashaw!!! I did! Two points for me!