I Gotta Be Meeeeeeeeeeeeee

A Snarkling is contemplating his blog:

Writers are often told that a web presence is a useful marketing tool and they should establish one. Then they are told to be very careful what they say. Obviously, acting professionally by not dissing other professionals is good advice. Yet anything they say might offend someone--a potential agent, publisher, editor, reader--who doesn't share their opinions or beliefs. How do you create a web presence without actually saying anything? Or is it just publish and be damned?

No one in their right mind would think I hadn't offended anyone in my ..er...um...forthright posts. (Dear Mr Bookner comes to mind..but he's only the most recent in a long line of snarliepusses).

Those people I HAVE offended are probably breathing a sigh of relief they didn't query me. God know I am. Offend the RIGHT people and you're fine.

Say what you think. Say it well. Don't call the dissenters anything stronger than "clearly deranged" and never call Miss Snark a lamebrain.

Humor helps. Don't take yourself too seriously. (Miss Snark elevates an eyebrow at her own self when she sees THAT!)

For a blogger who writes with tons of attitude and damn the torpedoes, take a look at


Mad Scientist Matt said...

When you get down to it, books often offend people too. Just try to make sure that your books and your blog are likely to offend the same sort of people. :)

Ric said...

We would never do anything to offend Miss Snark.

Of course we all know, thanks to her, that those "SORRY Not for Me" notes are just that, not a reflection on your writing skills,

Blogs are fun, hard, interesting, time consuming, but the most intriguing part is never knowing what comment, paragraph, or word choice is going to get the most comments.

Figuring out what interests other bloggers to the point they respond, is a marvelous writing assignment. Any fool can get a response by saying something salaciously witty, but getting a comment for the way you put words together is pure magic.

Elektra said...

I don't know...seems to me that as long as you don't mention 'I killed my first boss' or anything that would make you seem particularly troublesome as a client (like that time you called an agent every five minutes to see if they had read your manuscript yet) you'd be fine.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Miss Snark, I went and visited Knucksline....color me...surprised!
He does have a certain acerbic wit. But he can not even get a toe in madame's size 5 stilleto shoe, let alone hope to regale the masses in the manner to which we've become accustomed.

Shoot, that would have made a good post. Now that I've said it, I can't write it :-)

Toni McGee Causey said...

One way to do a writer's blog is to cover more than just writing. (I know, I know, blaspheme.) Over on my blog, http://electricmist.net, I just answered a reader's question about what to submit and when, because I "appeared" to have broken the rules with a three-book deal based on a parital and synopsis... but that was the first writing essay in a short while. The previous one is about "my louisiana" and just prior to that, I blogged through both hurricanes and aftermaths. It seems to work as a blog. (I'll be curious if you think it works.)

Tribe said...

Glad you like Charlie Stella's blog. He's a hard-ass and a great writer. Not to mention quite a nice guy, notwithstanding his rants (which, while I don't always agree with, I find insightful).

occasional_anonymous said...

Thank you for responding to my query, Miss Snark :).

Being anonymous allows me to post things I wouldn't dare post otherwise. But maybe that has more to do with me than with those who are reading.

Thank you again.