I know John Grisham's cousin's latte stylist's ex boyfriend....

Do requests for your clients to blurb other books come through you?And, is this something you get excited about?Who handles this? The Editors? The PR people? The agent?

Sometimes they do. I pass them along to the author.
Getting blurbs is everyone's job. It's really kind of fun. You end up talking to all sorts of people. I cold call people for blurbs on books I think they'd like. I have all sorts of rejection letters from famous people.

PR people are mostly getting quotes from reviewers and trade outlets. I like to start working on blurbs once we have a signed deal in place. I always have my clients working on lists of people they know, and people to approach.

I'll ask anybody I can think of to read something for a blurb. What are they gonna do? Say no? Big whoop. I've been told no more times than a two year old in a candy factory.


Feisty said...

Dear Miss Snarky: Love your blog. And particularly love your post on blurbs today as that is what I am thinking about at this very moment. I figured I'd just ask anyone who came to mind and see what happens. And why not? It's a big world out there and someone might bite.

On another note, don't you think that we all ought to just give up? I mean it seems so useless sometimes.


Miss Snark said...

I'm not a nihilist.
I'm a minimalist who understands it takes years of devotion to create simplicity and that efficiency very rarely serves art.

Press on! Press on! The process is more important than the result.

Ric said...

It's not the first book that sells. Sometimes not the second, maybe not even the third or fourth.

The process is more important than the result.

learn, write more, learn more.
The fourth draft is better than the third.

The thirteenth is awesome.

Press on! Press on!

Bernita said...

"...still grasping in his hand of ice,
That banner with the strange device.

Christine said...

Ugh, but sometimes the fourteenth draft is really worse. Didn't your mother ever say "stop picking at it, you'll make it worse" ? Yeah.

You have to know when to stop, even if it's not quite perfect. Uncle Jim says when you start deleting commas, then putting them back in, it's done already.

There is such a thing as perfect enough.


Elektra said...

I asked this question a while back, so I beg pardon in advance for repeating it. What's in the writer's best interest to say when an agent asks for a writing game plan, and the writer doesn't plan on any more books?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm sorta' lost.....on the comments between fiesty and elektra. Is everyon on Qualudes today? Not you Miss Snark, but you sorta' lost me too. I get the blurb post, but not the comments!!!

Feisty said...

Come on, Bonnie, wake up. We're thinking with both sides of our brain here. One side says, "Hey, this is a cool gig." The other says, "This totally sucks and I think I'll jump out the window." Problem is, the window is on the first floor. This kind of conflict, this total free fall into reality, is a real bummer.

Deal with it.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well, pashaw! That's the problem, I'm right brained! I'm sometimes in my right mind but most of the time I'm just wondering about, askin, "Where am I?" See, I have a master plan. If I only use half of my brain at a time, it'll last twice as long. LOL