I Love this guy...sadly, he's married

Sometime back, you'll recall a Snarkling found a UK editor who was blogging and taking submissions for critiques. I've clicked over every so often and agreed with him a lot of the time.

Tonight he's in rare form.

click here for Torgo on Bookner

After you read this week though, keep reading..he's got a critique of one of the Snarklings!
Dare I hope that the Crapometer can be mailed postage paid, no SASE!, to the UK??


Rhonda Stapleton said...

That was awesome. I really like that guy - I've ready a couple of his critiques, and I think he offers great advice.

Torgo said...

I'd love to accept your Crapometer, but sadly much of my time is taken up moonlighting as a George Clooney impersonator.

Thanks for the kind words and the link (you too, Rhonda.)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Hey, Torgo, get back over there! You've got work piled up to the computer screen and anxious writers waiting with baited breath for your return. Keep up the good work! Thanks for all the help!

Miss Snark, tell 'im...you'd know the real Mr. Clooney even if he had a bag over his head *blush*

Dave Kuzminski said...

Bonnie, my respect for you as a writer just doubled. Few writers ever manage that.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Thank you, Dave for the compliment, but I feel like I walked in on the middle of a conversation. What did I do to earn your respect?(so I can keep doing it):-)

Dave Kuzminski said...

You didn't explode over the critique given your work and urged Torgo to help other writers by doing more critiques.

Bernita said...

Bonnie is pure gold - and would be a delight for any agent or editor to work with in my humble opinion.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Geez, ya'll are going to make my head big, not that it isn't with all these curls now.

I really want to learn to be a GREAT writer, not just a good one, and you can't get that way alone. It takes a lot a village to raise a child....well it takes a WHOLE lot of people to make a great writer, whether they are willing to admit it personally or not.

Every single word said to me about my writing means something. It's unbelievable how much I gleaned from that critique and the resulting comments. I was making notes and writing for days. It was GOOD stuff.

I just wish he has time to do more, believe me I would let him pick apart every page I ever write if I could!

I ALWAYS welcome help! That's what it takes to get where we as writers want to go.

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