I miss you Paula Danziger!

What do the promotional requirements (or expectations, anyway) look like for YA authors?

Oh the joys of classroom visits! Writers of YA and books for younger readers often times promote their books with classroom visits. It can be really fun. It can also be slave labor.

YA authors also need a HUGE web presence. Expect tons of letters and the idea that you really will respond to most of them. Kids have no concept that 3000 other people are writing to you. They only know that YOU are their favorite person in the world and they want to tell you so.

Kids books hardly ever get media attention, but they are HUGE book store draws... and lots of fun. I always take my Dracula teeth just in case I need to enforce discipline in the line of people waiting. Talking to kids in line is such fun. Sometimes there will be a whole family, and I'll ask the youngest one "is this your sister?" The kid nods. I say "are you sure?". Takes a minute but then they just crack up. The parents don't think I’m as funny as the kids do but heck with those sticks in the mud!

YA promotion also involves going to library conventions and conferences. That's a HUGE market and those ladies are a hoot. I love librarians with a passion. Even the ones that look down their noses at my tendency to forget little things like due dates.


Bridget Medora said...

Thanks Miss Snark! And I agree one thousand percent about librarians -- they know everything about everything, and a little more to boot.

ali said...

Classroom visits aren't always a good thing.

After one author came to our school, I swore to never buy any of her books again.

She was a bitch.

Christine said...

Aw that's a shame - I have a classroom author visit program. Lots of children's writers make their living from school visits. I can do two whole days a month and spend the rest of the month writing. I love doing them.

Some authors don't; they shouldn't.

Especially PB authors - since they only get 5% royalty.

Zindar said...

Hmm..so does Miss Snark rep YA/MG clients? ANd does she wear the T-rexual stillettos to these events?

Diana Peterfreund said...
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Jillian said...

I'm an ex-music teacher and I write YA. Kids are awesome creatures (except for the obnoxious ones who need their mouths hot-glued shut), and I've gotta say that you've painted what, to me, is a delightful picture.

As for librarians...well, I am a library fugitive. I've got 2 never-returned books from a library in a county in which I no longer live. I keep meaning to return them -- really. It's only been about 8 years or so. The question is, do I slip the books into the bookdrop at midnight, or do I wait until I hit the bestseller list and hand them over in person with a broad grin?

Laraqua said...

Wow. This makes me want to write Young Adult so I can be adored and go about gallavanting around school buildings, reading excerpts and smiling graciously. Then I'd get dozens of emails per day or week, which I'd lovingly answer, smiling benevolently and knowing that I am loved.

Instead, I had to pick horror as my favourite genre to write in. Dark Fantasy, no less. I doubt a fan base is easy to come across, let alone cute, cuddly, and willing to assuage my boredom with many fevered emails.