Ist das die zug nach Lake Como?

A Snarkling consults his Lonely Planet Guide to Book Fairs and Wonders:

what do agents do at big book fairs? For example, the Frankfurt Book Fair is this month and I know that many agents from around the world are going. Do they bring specific books they know editors will be interested in? If an agent lets his/her authors know that he/she is going to Frankfurt, can you ask if your book is going also?? And, Miss Snark, will you be going? Thanks

What do we do? Carouse. Drink. Talk, talk, talk, talk, and then drink some more. It's insane. It's intense. It's fun in a sort of weird way.

I take info on ALL my books, past, present and in the works. You never know who'll want what, and serendipity is a big part of these things.

Mostly I go to meet the folks who actually DO the sub rights work. I don't. When my clients retain their sub rights I immediately contact my list of sub rights agents and let them know what's coming. Those guys are the ones who actually know the market and sell. I'm clueless about the book buying habits of the Hungarians.

And yes, I'll be gone from 10/19-10/23 with a couple days at either end of limited availability.

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