Miss Me?

The strain of being nice for a week is really too much.
Miss Snark has polished her stilettos and is ready for the world!
Bring it on!


Lois Lane said...

Welcome back!

Bonnie, Of the Multitude of Snarklings said...

We missed Miss Snark!

Linda said...

Welcome back. I reorganized my weblogs and put yours in the daily reads just in time for you to go to Germany and not be posting. lol :)


Bernita said...

We missed you.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Bonnie, Bernita, next time, lead her more in your sights. ;)

Ric said...

Everybody wants to be a comic. Glad to see you made it back without causing World War III - (though it appears a female type in Germany is causing some political upheaval)
We did miss you. heels nice and sharp ready to snark about everything.

Bernita said...

Um, Dave, don't think it's Bonnie or I who are taking pot shots here, nor do we view Miss Snark as a clay pigeon.
If you are suggesting that my comment is mere "suck-up", she said, levering a round into her 30-30,then I have some plain talk for you.
I like Miss Snark. I find her honest, witty, wise and helpful.
When I said I missed her, it was the simple truth.
She does not, so far as I know, agent my type of novel, and I find your implication that any honest expression of appreciation is phony fawning to be juvenile and smart-ass sophmoric.

Bonnie, Of the Multitude of Snarklings said...

Aw, Bernita, Dave was just making a funny. I laughed!

(Although maybe I should change my title — I don't want to give Miss Snark's readers the impression we're a bunch of fawning sycophants.)

Gina Black said...

Welcome back! It's quieter in cyberspace when you aren't here.

BTW, Miss S... I followed your suggestion on including my first five pages with my query, and I got a request !! Woo hoo! So, thank you very much. :)

Dave Kuzminski said...

Bernita, it was just a witticism.

Gee, only a 30-30? ;)

Personally, I like much, if not most, of her advice. I certainly have no problem with her delivery style, either. In fact, that makes it more palatable as well as enjoyable.

Bernita said...

OK, sorry if I over-reacted.

Possibly I could lay my hands on a Mac.50...good for 2430 yds...

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

And their off......you guys are way too funny. Ha! I 'm not drinking coffee, Ric!

Miss Snark, it's so good to have you back....geez, it was too quiet around the blogs. It's a good thing you weren't here or Bernita woulda' tagged you:-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I just joined the ranks, but I've already learned so much.

Feisty said...

Miss Snark: You were greatly missed. And while you were gone, I cooked up a question for you. And here is it.

I have a novel I want to sell and it's now out with an editor who asked for a revision a year or so ago. (I don't like this revision without a contract thing, but I'm a nobody, so I do it.)

So, given that she'll probably reject it, here is my question. I sent this story out a few years ago before this major revision and received a few rejections on a partial and on my query.

Seeing that it was sorta out there a few years ago, does this make my manuscript shop worn? Is it, in the industry, considered a loser because it had a history of a few rejects (most of them queries or partials). In fact, when I think about this, hardly anyone has read the whole ms.

What's your take on mss that have evolved over time (5-6 years) gone through many incarnations (I don't write a book a year like many of my writer friends), and have grown along the way? Is it death for a book?


THRILL said...

Nice question. Feisty. I look forward to Miss Snark's answer cos I've also been hearing about agents not liking 'over-exposed' manuscripts, where the partials have been sent out to a range of editors.

It's that old catch 22. Use the shotgun approach to blast partials out editors, hope like hell at least on asks for the full and wants to buy, and THEN try secure an agent. Unfortunately one can land up with LOTS of rejections on the partial and manuscript that an interested agent might label 'over-exposed'.

Or am I seeing problems where none exist?