Miss Snark captured on film!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in New York. We've had endless rain following a muggy ugly summer that didn't relent till October. When I saw the weather forecast was upper 60's I cancelled my messenger service pickups and “volunteered” to go out to do the deliveries.

I was strolling through the East Village looking somewhat like the Hunchback of Notre Dame cause I had a donkey load of paper on my shoulder. I was paying pretty much no attention to the people on the sidewalk cause I was calculating how fast I had to walk to get all this done and still get up to Central Park before dark.

Suddenly I realize everyone around me looks..well..odd. This is the East Village so odd is a way of life but this wasn't Village odd. This was surreal. It didn't take long for me to realize I'd walked right through a movie set. Somehow I'd missed the Production Assistant whose job is to keep civilians off the sidewalk during a shoot. I just kept walking figuring if I stopped and looked stupid I'd really make 'em mad.

Sure enough as I cleared the last duct taped electrical cord I saw the chairs with stenciled names stenciled, the trailers with doors marked, sardonically, "Desi" and "Luci", and a couple of VERY annoyed security guys who kept me in sight till I cleared the end of the block.

I don't think it was Law and Order, there was too much "stuff". I think it was a movie, but I'm not sure. I recognized a couple of face famous people but of course, their names escape me.

This is one of the really fun things about New York. You never know if you’ll get discovered just around the corner on your way to Viking Penguin.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'll look anxiously for your close-up Miss DeMille, er Miss Snark.

New book: How To Get Into Movies Without Even Trying.

Brady Westwater said...

Oh - you saw a film shoot?

Well, for two weeks Tom Cruise 's Mission Impossible III has been shooting all night in my alley - with multiple helicopters many of the nights (they are now down the street) - and Spider Man III does my alley next.

In addition, two other films, one TV show, a music video and a commercial are shooting - at the same time and don't ask me how this all got scheduled at the same time - on different floors of my buildng, or the buildng next door and/or the sidewalks between us while only one block away at 4th and Main - (the single most shot intersection in the world) wall to wall trucks occupy every parking space for blocks as three different companies are trying to shoot the same two blocks at the same time creating parking gridlock so bad it impacts the trucks trying to park for the DREAMGIRLS shoot two blocks away.

Meanwhile... my office backs up to the offices of all the MIRAMX TV shows so I get to listen to playbacks of shrieking realty show contestants 24/7 and I also get to meet would be reality show contestants who have been rejected for being way too scary for even basic cable reality shows on a daily basis in my elevators.

And I still have flashbacks from the bootleg porno film I walked into in men's room the other night and I really, reallly don't want to know anything about that procession getting out of the freight elevator about two hours ago. I mean... I really... really don't want to know...

So... as I said... you saw a film shoot!

How exciting!!

Miss Snark said...

and tonights OSCAR (the grouch) for Best Performance as a NYC Curmudgeon goes to....

*may I have the envelope please*


That roaring sound you hear isn't helicopters ... it's applause.

Brady Westwater said...

Actually - I do love it down here. But there are times... like trying to watch Macbeth outdoors while Tom Cruise's stuntman is hanging from a helicopter directly above the stage... or having SWAT teams repelling past my window at 4 AM...

On the other hand - half-naked models from PROJECT RUNWAY and endless fashion shoots running up and down my hallway day and night and changing in the men's room when the woman's rom is too crowded... is a good thing!

Simon Haynes said...

"or having SWAT teams repelling past my window at 4 AM..."

I just had a lovely image of apartment windows coated with that bugs-off windshield stuff, and teams of SWAT guys slipping helplessly down the side of the building, hands and feet squeaking as they tried to get a grip on the treated glass.

(No offence, it was just a funny mental image.)

kitty said...

Meanwhile, here in rural Upstate NY, my biggest (outdoor) thrill is walking from point A to point B without stepping in anything.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

LOL - good call, Miss Snark. Just because someone else is cynical doesn't mean you need to be. I'd have been excited, too!

Yeah, not much exciting like that in Cleveland. You should have seen the crowds when American Idol auditions were here...lol.

Rhonda, who actually auditioned

Bernita said...

Brady, a SWAT team is even more interesting at 4:00 a.m. when it is NOT a movie...

kim reid said...

Miss Snark was also captured in print. Here's a shout out from a Dallas paper.


Found on Karin Gillespie's blog.

kitty said...

Here's the entire article:

What we like: Miss Snark

05:25 PM CST on Monday, October 31, 2005

By ELLEN HENDERSON / DallasNews.com

What it is: Miss Snark is an anonymous New York City literary agent, and in her blog, at misssnark.blogspot.com, she answers questions, gives guidance and provides feedback for a loyal audience of would-be published authors (dubbed "Snarklings").

What it's all about: From the mundane details of publishing (What's a reserve against returns?) to the process of submitting work (How long should my synopsis be?) to big-picture topics (Why do I need an agent, anyway?) Miss Snark fields all manner of questions and dispatches witty, opinionated, no-nonsense answers that provide eye-opening reality checks about the business of writing. She's also been known to read and critique first-page submissions of Snarkling novels – in her usual brutally frank and funny style.

Why we like it: I sold my first novel this year, and since this fact became known among my friends, co-workers and acquaintances, I've been amazed at how many closet authors have "outed" themselves to me. Everyone's writing a novel, it seems, and they all have lots of questions. Don't get me wrong – writing and publishing are two of my favorite conversational topics, and I'm never hesitant to run my mouth about the biz. But, shockingly enough, I don't always have all the answers. That's where Miss Snark comes in. She's an industry veteran, and she tells it like it is.

Ever thought you might like to write and sell a novel? Start reading Miss Snark's blog now, and you'll be ahead of the crowd (and believe me, it is a crowd) of aspiring authors. Comb through the archives for a while, and you'll emerge with an invaluable education about the realities of the business – how agents read submissions, how deals are made, how books are promoted, how to avoid a boring first page, and much, much more. You can even send in your own questions.

Just don't send in a pitch for your novel. As Miss Snark herself says, "You can email her questions. You can email nasty comments. You can email love poems and twenty-dollar bills." But she doesn't take e-mail queries, and no, she's not revealing her real name.

Brady Westwater said...

Whne I moved to downtown LA, the first lofts had not opened so I was camped out in huge abandoned 1920's ofice building occupied by me - and the LAPD SWAT team.

And they ran around the hallways - and up and down exterior walls - of building - day and ngiht - with real weapons - for training exercises. And when people came to visit me, I could always tell by the look on their faces when they had ridden up in an elevator with ten rather large guys holding semi-automatic weapons.

Even more fun, though, were live fire days when different SWAT teams battled each other throughout the building by shooting very real sounding blanks.

Lastly - to respond to Rhonda - if you carefully read Miss Snark's astute comments about my post - she called what I said a... performance.

Miss Snark said...

Holy Moly, Miss Snark in the Dallas Morning News..and not on the crime blotter. Will wonders never cease.

Thanks to Kitty and Ecrire (cute name!) for bringing this to my attention.

Miss Snark fully expects the paparazzi to arrive soon.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Hey Miss Snark...you go girl! You'll need to be using one of those virtual signature thingys pretty soon to sign autographs!

Maybe it can be turned into a movie. Hmmm, whom shall we get to play you?