Miss Snark Pleads No Contest to the Charge

Writing contests have been suggested as a means to obtain critiques of one's work. Now, the RWA chapters all have writing contests - but what about us poor slobs who are working on a novel length mystery, thriller or even a western?

Can you recommend any worthwhile contests?

Contests offer critiques?
I thought they offered comments.
There's a HUGE difference.
And who's judging?

Before you shell out for a contest, have you considered taking a class from a writer? There are tons, and some of the best value for the money. Plus you'll meet other people who are writers and you can help each other out. Long term ongoing critiques are of more value than a one off from someone who may be rushing through contest entries at the last minute.


James Goodman said...

I hear (having not had an opportunity to attend yet, what with my stupid time consuming day job and all) that Viable Paradise(http://www.sff.net/paradise/) is a wonderful workshop for aspiring writer's. The Nielsen Haydens (editors at Tor) are among the star studded cast of instructors. I realize this just one of many...many such classes/workshops, but I thought I might throw it out there as an example.

brainlesionssuck said...

The best conference/ongoing workshop I've ever been to is run by the ladies at fatplum.com. They are skilled in writing and marketing. Although I busted my butt to make my novel the best I could, it was with their support and hard, honest critiques that I was able to find an agent...writers+savvy business people+honest feedback= success in securing an agent!

Kathie at Housewifecafe.com