No Tour? No worry!

What happens if you can't travel because of your health? Will agents and publishers not want you or your book?

With the advent of Cyberia and radio interviews by phone, you can do a LOT to promote your book without ever leaving your lair.

Donna Leon lives in Italy and thus unavailable for US travel very often and her books do quite nicely.

Lots of other authors don't tour in support of their books for one reason or another.

You can cross this off your things to fret about!


Cyclus said...

Apropos of the earlier post about book signings, and this one, I take the attitude that nothing is really wasted by some kind of public exposure....if you can learn from it.

I was incredibly surprised a couple of years ago when a book I wrote took off locally, and I got invitations to appear on four TV stations and two radio. And I was incredibly nervous the first time for each, but after a while it got to be easier and I learned a couple of things: 1) Be natural, 2) Speak simply and directly, and 3) Have a story prepared for any question that might start "Tell us about...."

If I could with my next book, I'll try to get on ANY radio or TV station, no matter where or how small, just to continue to hone those skills. Better to be embarrassed on a program that typically runs at 3:00 a.m. locally than--don't even think it!--Charlie Rose.

TillyLost said...

Miss Snark,

Thank you so much!

My worry list is shorter. :o)

kaolin fire said...

I remember reading on Neil Gaiman's blog--a few ... months ago? Maybe a year ago, at this point--about an author(ess) who had started doing remote signings (a robotic device traveled in her stead, but she "signed" in realtime through it, over the net).

Miss Snark said...

Was it Margaret Atwood? I didn't do any digging around but it rings a bell.

TillyLost said...

A pet robot. I like the sound of that. All sorts of possibilities.

Jeff said...

Yes, that was indeed Margaret Atwood who used the remote signing device.

And Miss Snark, I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Informative AND entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I used to worry about this stuff when submitting because I'd never be up to anything physically strenuous. A few years ago I did a book signing at a pretty far away Borders; that night took a lot out of me. I didn't try to do anymore signings.

Have any of you heard about virtual book tours? If I'm not mistaken, I think a few writers have had good experiences doing these.


I don't know though--it seems that place hasn't been updated in months. It isn't a free service.

kaolin fire said...

re: virtual book tour -- it doesn't help their cause that they need a copyeditor for their newsposts.

"That's it for the this addition of the Virtual Book Tour."


Elektra said...

Miss Snark, ironically enough, oo7 jsut said something that dovetails with the post at my blog (sorry for posting about it here, but I didn't want to bother you with E-mail again)
"Back Flap: Is s/he attractive? More important, does the author look like the kind of person who should be writing this book? [I’ve seen chicklit books with author photos that were down right haggard. Not want you want in the genre.]"

occasional_anonymous said...

April 1st...last year? year before? I proposed at a marketing meeting that we use models for cover photos in future.

Marketing took me SERIOUSLY. Bless their crocodile hearts!

Miss Snark said...

Models ARE used in cover photos. (Think Fabio/Harlequin)

Do you mean "author photos"?

No one ever melted an ice cube on a marketing director's reptilian little heart it's true!

occasional_anonymous said...

I did mean author photos. My bad!

Bella Stander said...

Yes indeed, you can do a LOT without leaving your lair. The author of SEABISCUIT was bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome, and so she gave interviews from her couch at home.

Bella Stander

Kevin said...

Kevin Smokler here, founder of the Virtual Book Tour we can't spell worth a tinker's damn. Besides that, we've done 9 tours, each more successful than the last. Would be happy to discuss it with any of you (Smokler@sonic.net).