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Miss Snark,

Re: When to approach an agent

Before you roll your eyes, yes, I know after the book is written-but, what if you’ve sold your first novel (kidlit) to big NYC publisher on your own and you are now working on your second? Do you still wait until the mss is finished or is it acceptable to approach agents in the interim?

You call an agent before you sign the contract for the FIRST one!
NEVER sign a publishing contract without getting advice from an agent or a lawyer who specializes in book contracts (not contracts--BOOK contracts).

Most agents welcome query letters that show up attached to offers.

And yes, query now. And I'm not really rolling my eyes..I'm just exercising my newly threaded eyebrows.

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Jillian said...

Katherine Kurtz sold her first trilogy (all 3 books) to Del Rey in the 70's -- all by herself. It was the beginning of a long and still-going-strong career in the fantasy genre.

Obviously times have changed since the 70's. But success without an agent is certainly something that CAN be accomplished by the well-informed, yes?

(As for me, I'm currently going the agent route, so this is a general question.)