I asked this question a while back, so I beg pardon in advance for repeating it. What's in the writer's best interest to say when an agent asks for a writing game plan, and the writer doesn't plan on any more books?

Ya, that's Miss Snark quivering in the corner avoiding the question.

An author I love very much, and who is as charming in real time as he is on the page, John Dunning once told me he never takes an advance or a contract until a book is done. He's never sure if he can actually write another. He's written four or five now I think; when he told me that he'd written three and it was some years ago.

You're not the first author who wonders if there will be another. I saw Christopher Kennedy Lawford interviewed over the weekend about his memoir; he said if he ever wrote another book it wouldn't be a memoir cause he'd said all he had to say in this one.

Tell the truth. And don't sign a two book deal. But know, also, that you never know what will stir your creative elves and get them dancing around on the keyboard.

It also reminds me of a dreadful joke:

Nikki Hilton: "Paris, I'm trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. I thought maybe I'd get him a book."

Paris Hilton: "Oh, don't do that. He already has one".


Feisty said...

I wrote one and sold it 25 years ago. I just sold the second. Man, that was a long 25 years.

My agent back then told me to get in everything in that first book that I could because there probably wouldn't be a second one.

But I have a third one done now.(Three books, 25 years, not so bad, eh?)

It's the fourth one I'm worried about. I just don't know if I have a whole lot more to say.


kitty said...

I love Dunning's bookman series, and I even liked Deadline. He has an interesting history, including the fact that he was a poor student who eventually earned a GED certificate. But there's a reason why, which is even more interesting! Does he still use a typewriter to write his books?

Miss Snark said...

I don't know. From that bio it sounds like he would...I wonder if he has trouble getting parts!

Elektra said...

Thank you! I was worried because I keep reading about agents in that all important seriously-considering-taking-you-on phase asking about your future plans for the book world. I figured it would only make sense for an agent to prefer an author they'd be able to work with (and earn money with) longer and with more books, but now I breathe easy.

E. Dashwood said...

Dear Miss Agent,

I just finished this novel about a young woman's struggle to keep body and soul together during the Civil War.

Unfortunately, I plan to get hit by a taxi before I complete another.


occasional_anonymous said...

An innocent wrap-up-the-conversation-with-the-author type question.

How's the next book coming along?

Duck and cover!