Post Toasties

As a writer with an agent, should I post my book in the "available rights" area of Publisher's Marketplace.com? Does it give the book any more visibility, i.e. do editors look there?

You have an agent. Why are you trying to sell your book?
If your agent puts it up on available rights, editors can and will see it.
Ask her to.
It doesn't cost anything.
I've had several nice juicy bites on the rights offerings list.

If any of my clients started posting rights offerings independently I'd have a conversation with them that would involve their ass in a sling.

I keep track of every place I send a project, who's said no, why, leads, all that stuff. You start sending stuff out to editors on your own and it's going to get very confusing very quickly. Plus it makes me look like an idiot and frankly, I can do that just fine on my own.

Leave the selling to your agent. That's why you pay him/her/it the big bucks.


kitty said...

Does this writer have faith in the agent?

Elektra said...

Completely off topic...Miss Snark, the novel I wrote was the product of what I can only assume to be divine inspiration. It's very likely the only one I shall ever write, unless they're throwing oodles of money at me.
If an agent asks for my publishing 'game plan', what would it be in my best interest to say? I don't want to lie, especially when it comes to someobody's livelihood, but I don't think it would be wise to say that it was just a one-shot deal.