Repetez S'il Vous Plait

I jumped the gun by submitting queries/samples before the book was ready (and the issues were all in the first chapter - ha ha damn). Obviously, my top choices for an agent have not changed, so I was wondering if there is a proper approach for resubmitting the same material?

None of them asked to see revised versions, right?
How much time has passed since you got the cold shoulder?

If more than six months has passed (and if it hasn't, stop reading and go back to revising),
you can do one of two things:

1. Query again with the revised chapter. Don't mention you've sent this before. I'll bet you one yapping poodle to a box of doughnuts that the agents don't remember it.

2. Query again with "I took your advice to heart and revised like crazy".

Your chances of getting a yes out of this batch is pretty low. I don't have a single client I said no to on the first round. I have several who got 'not ready, revise this and send again'.

One of my least favorite things to get are re-submits of material I wasn't interested in the first time.

And it may be time to consider that your list of top agents just may not have a lot of room on their lists. Query widely.

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