Take a chill pill

An unpubbed friend has been asked for a full by an agent who's recently left a well-respected agency to start up her own thing. My friend is worried though because she's heard from the loops she's on that this same agent has taken on about four unpubbed writers in the last month or so. My friend thinks that this agent may be taking on more than she can handle since the unpubbed might need more agenting work than the previously pubbed.

My take is that a new agent is probably going to be more open to unpubbed than more established agents and that if she likes the feel of this agent - if she's asked the agent questions and is happy with the answers - she should go for it. Obviously, the agent feels she can handle the workload.

What do you think? Is my friend worrying about nothing?

And she needs to get a grip.

When you start an agency you need clients. This is your nitwit friend's chance to get in to an agency that probably won't be taking on new clients by next summer.

Instead of worrying about the agent she should be standing in line to FedEx her manuscript right now.

And just exactly where did she hear the agent has taken on four unpubbed writers? Agents announce sales, not client signings. And four is nothing. An agent in a solo practice can have ten clients without breaking much of a sweat.


Christine said...

MS, if it's who I'm thinking of, this is a really terrific person, and when she left "big agency to start her own thing", most of her clients came with her. Which, to me, speaks to her agent ability.

Don't know where she heard it though, I've heard about this (again, if it's who I'm thinking of) agent, but not of any recent signings, just requests for partials/ms's.

Guess I'm not in the right loop LOL.

Harry Connolly said...

And the questioner should post the name of the agent for us here, so we can query them if our work matches their interests.

In all seriousness, how do people get this sort of info? How can the great unwashed, er, I mean unpublished keep up with current events?

Bernita said...

Where did the info come from?Blogs, I suspect.

Christine said...

LOL - Actually, (again, if I'm right) I heard about her from a professional writer's board.