Take me or else..

So this unpublished writer works closely with well-established writer in a mentee/mentor kind of relationship and at the end of the their 6 months together the mentee is convinced a referral by mentor to her/his agent is gold.

Is it? How much influence does mentor (ie, well-selling author) have with her/his agent? Can s/he convince agent to take on his/her mentee?

An author's recommendation buys you reading time and consideration. After that your writing has to hold up.
I can't imagine a situation short of a parent/child, husband/wife, lecherous writer/nubile love object wherein an author would insist the agent take someone on. And, frankly, if an author of mine started talking about what I "have to do" we're probably headed to splitsville.

I have many people who send me stuff because one of my clients recommended them. I read their work sooner and give them more time. I don't take anyone I wouldn't have taken if they came in the slush pile. Maybe ICM can afford to carry deadwood, but I can't.

Introductions open the door. After that, you're on your own.

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Desperate Writer said...

Boy, can I vouch for this. As I wrote in my comment under Miss Snark's "Harold Lloyd" blog entry, having a mentor doesn't guarantee anything.