that Anon guy.. great writer!

What are your thoughts on writers who have done work for a packager or a series...writers that have written their first book as a "writer for hire"? I'm thinking more along the lines of creating an original book for an existing series...the characters and plot are your own, but because it goes into a specific imprint, you're considered a 'writer for hire".

If a writer had achieved publication in such an instance, with a major publisher (Penguin or Simon & Schuster, for instance)...and put that in their query, would it garner attention? If so, as much as a "regular" published writer? Is this a good stepping stone to selling my original work, assuming its in the same genre?

Yes. Good writing is good writing, no matter how you're paid for it. It also suggests you know how publishing works which is a strong positive for me.

I have several clients who were published as ghosts, or "withs" or works for hire before I got my claws on them. I like working with them cause they're fast, and good: solid pros.

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