Miss Snark, Re: What does Stylish mean? I see it sometimes in the description of a book. For example, the book "The Constant Gardener" was described as a stylish thriller. "Rain Fall", Barry Eisler's first was described as a stylish thriller. "Memorial Day" by Vince Flynn also.Love your outfit, by the way.

Stylish! got it! That's not content description, that's PR chat! It's also a very undescriptive word if you think about it: one Snarkling's Mahnolo Blahnik is another Snarkling's Birkenstock.

Barry Eisler writes cutting edge neon noir. Much more descriptive than "stylish" isn't it.

And if you're trying to think of how to "style" your book in your cover letter: DON"T. Just tell me what it's about in 100 words or less.

"This is an acid rain drenched, dive bar story of love gone wrong among the robots" tells me a lot.

Glad you like the bunny slippers. They seem to be multiplying.

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