Yet Another "Helping Hand"... reaching for your wallet

I thought you might appreciate a scary link, in honor of Halloween:
http://www.scriptblaster.com/bookblaster.php They say that "gaining access to literary agents and publishers who handle fiction is possible with Bookblaster." Funny. I thought writing nice, normal query letters took care of that nicely.

Of course, if it were really Halloween-themed, the page would have a testimonial from a hopeful author who put a minor attraction spell on their query, sent it out via Bookblaster, and wound up fleeing from a ravening tribe of undead publishing professionals slavering for their manuscript and/or brains.

I wondered where those e-queries came from when I'm pretty clear I don't take e-queries: email blasts from guys who for a "mere $95" will email your query to every agent on their list!

If you really think that is the way to go, just log on to Gerard Jones site, and email all 10,000 people on his list. It's free. My guess is that's exactly what these guys do, and charge you $95.

If someone wants to google the names of all the authors who are cited on the website I'd be very interested to see if any of them are actually published.


occasional_anonymous said...

Books by Peary Perry

Peary's first novel, "Manuel Muldoon" will be coming out the first of 2006 and is being published by PublishAmerica of Fredricksburg, Maryland.


occasional_anonymous said...

Dalia Gal:


New Age World Publishing:


Vanity press.

occasional_anonymous said...


No guarantee this is the same Nicholas Julius, as it's a slightly less unusual name than the other two I've googled.

iUniverse--vanity press.

occasional_anonymous said...

Laurie Lonsdale & Sasha O'Connor:


Winterwolf Publishing:


Royalty-paying small press.

Christine said...

Well, now... don't THOSE credits speak, uh, volumes.

Simon Haynes said...

Oh wow - PublishAmerica. I don't know about the others, but you certainly don't need an agent for them.
Great blog btw.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Although Gerald did an astounding amount of work gathering together those email addresses, I really feel those should have been omitted unless the agent wanted the email address posted. I wouldn't be surprised if many of those have since changed.

Shesawriter said...

Pay someone to send e-queries? Do they offer a snail mail service as well? Will they lick the stamps and the envelopes?



Ira Rosofsky said...

There's a good reason to send your queries out in groups, you can judge their impact by the responses you get and tweak them before sending out another batch. If you send it all at once, there's no turning back.

Anonymous said...

Bet this is one reason why many agents no longer accept e-mail queries. Lovely when a few ruin it for the rest of us.

pperry said...

Actually, they (publishamerica) did publish the book...came out in July...this is not self publishing...and I have been getting checks for sales...I used them for my 1st, but not 2nd and 3rd simply because I wanted to build an inventory and work from there...got tired of sucking up to agents and sending 1 chapter, then 3 chapters, than 5 chapters, then 1 page synopsis, 10 page synopsis, 3 pages synopsis, e-mail, snail mail, over night mail.....you name it, I've done it....got tired of going to writers conferences listening to agents blab about how busy they are with their 10,000 unsolicited submissions a year..if they are so rich and famous, why are they appearing in Tulsa eating rubber chicken for 3 days?

writing is one part...selling is another..I'm too old to play games with people with big ego's...it's a book for God's sake....read it and sell it....

Anonymous said...

Pperry, how much did you pay them before you got that first check?