Yet another way to make Miss Snark REALLY loathe you

A Snarkling's comment reminds Miss Snark of another nitwitticism:

We had one signing with someone attached to Publisher A and they put us on some submission list where we kept getting solicitations from folks in Arkansas and California (our store is in a small section of NY that does not have a lot of foot traffic) to carry their books and have a signing.

Miss Snark does not get solicited to hold book signings in her office or even in the local gin joint. She does however get put on author's email press list, or, worse, on writers' personal email lists.

"My new book is out!"
"I've sold foreign rights!"
"The book is being published on Tuesday, make sure you buy a copy from Amazon to front load the orders".

If these came from Miss Snark's clients, ok, but they don't. They come from people I've met at conferences, or workshops or the Park Ave Poodle Parlor who've added my email to their data base and are now sending email to everyone they've ever met.

Worse are the ones that are personal. "I just had a baby" "I just got a divorce" and the WORST ones are "I never do this but here's a chain letter/link to Saks Fifth Avenue refugees for donations/my son's high school graduation poem that's just been published".

There is absolutely no gracious way to tell someone to buzz off when they announce they've had a baby. I've tried it and there just isn't.

I just dump these in the trash of course, but I remember I got them, and it makes me much MUCH less likely to be collegial or even cordial the next time we meet. This is a biz that runs on relationships. A smart Snarkling knows the data base and looks at every name before s/he hitting the send button.

Now, if you have Mr. Clooney's home phone number, feel free to email day or night.


Gina Black said...

That's just plain email abuse period. Unwanted and unrequested emails are SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM. (Would you like eggs to go with that?)

Fish Monkey said...

Oooh... I regularly get "I just had a baby and here's 10 megs worth of pictures" ones. Responses along the lines of "Wow, was it premature?" and "What do you feed it?" stem the mail. Actually, just referring to the newborn as 'it' usually informs the parents that you're not the best recepient.