You have the right to remain silent...don't

I just signed with a super agent who is also an experienced editor (large houses) who is helping with some revision of my novel. My question is: how much should I tell my agent about what I am doing. I have three novels completed and have won a couple of fellowships over the years (one in Paris) and would like to apply for the Stegner Fellowship at Stanford - which is non-degree and is aimed at letting the writer complete a specific novel/book of poetry. I will not be using the novel my agent wants to represent for application (I was told one at a time) but one that is in progress. Does an agent want to know about this before hand or only about the work represented?

Your agent is part of your team. Tell all! By this I do not mean send daily emails with your fat grams and number of cigs (unless you're named Bridget Jones of course). But do keep her/him informed on things about your writing life.

Just for starters, s/he may have some good advice. And second, your agent is connected to all sorts of people who can help you. If s/he knows what you're doing s/he is in a much better position to make things happen for you.

Third, it's good to have someone to talk to!! Writing is a solitary existence and when you have an agent, you've got someone who knows and understands that.

We're more than money grubbing claws in your pocket. Honest.

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brainlesionssuck said...

You do a great job of humanizing the agent world when at times it seems robotic to the outside world...Thanks.

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