Antique Credentials Roadshow

A Snarkling looks at the portfolio and wonders:

I have an odd writing credential. I write historical romance now, but in the early 80's I had several (mostly humorous) articles published in a book by one of the major houses. However, my name is not on the cover. This was a compilation of articles supposedly written by women from all over the country on topics of relevance to women. In reality, 3 friends of mine (the ones with their names on the cover) asked me to help them write the stinkin' thing, since they had almost zero response from women all over the country and a looming deadline.I wrote articles like "How to flirt" and "How to do a strip tease", most of them pseudonymously. Is this something worth mentioning in an agent query? Like "I had several articles published in (name of book, name of publisher)"? Or does this just seem like grasping at credentials?

Miss Snark attributes much of her success to reading that article on how to do a strip tease.

Much like the vaunted but anonymous "fixers" brought in to remedy ailing plays on Broadway, this work may have saved the writers' bacon but it's not attributable to you. Play doctors get a reputation for being the "go to girl" when things fall apart in the second act, but no credit on the program at all. If you were to continue to do this kind of work, you'd find your name being circulated by people looking for such "fixers"; we keep a rolodex of names of people who can do interesting and unusual things just in case.

As it stands, chalk this one up to doing a good deed. The universe owes you one!


Unknown said...

Good deed? Is this... Miss Snark talking? You get paid so the director's brother or the producer's girl friend can get the credit. The fun part is when that person gets a job fixing another script - and then shows up on your doorstep 24 hours before the project is due with... absolutely nothing.

Other than a blank check, of course.

Miss Snark said...

I like the blank check part. Can I have one?

I was basing my comments on Broadway show fixers. I think it's different in the snake pit of cinema.

quanty p biederman said...

Thank you, Miss Snark. I'm trying to perfect my query, and I don't want to come off as some sort of bonehead.

And you're welcome for the strip tease article. Remember: Always perform sober. There'll be less of a chance you'll make a mistake and end up in the can.