"Best of" Anthologies

Do you ever read The Best American Short Stories anthologies? What do you think about them?

Only when I have clients in the year's edition. This year, only an honorable mention in one of the genre ones...but better than a kick in the pants!

I think they're a great idea. A good way to get stories out to people who might not see them. I always look at where they were originally published so I can keep my list of "good places to have my fiction writers investigate" is current.

Of course, I'm deeply offended that I myself have not been selected for the Best of Snark volume.


Brady Westwater said...

Hmmm... another clue as to the true identity of the mistress of the Snark Cave...

Unless, of course, it is actually - in the best tradition of detective fiction - merely but a red herring meant to mislead.

Miss Snark said...

Good luck on the hunt.
Let me know when you've figured out that I'm really ...Larry Kirshbaum.

-Killer Yapp raises a sardonic eyebrow as Miss Snark falls out of her chair laughing-

someone paranoid said...

After that article in New York magazine, I'm convinved Miss Snark is behinid "wigs and glasses"...trust me, she hinted at it in a perious post.