Bunny Slipper Love Slave info

Existential Man braves the Snarkophagus to inquire:

Speaking of the "bunny slippered love slave" department, I'm curious about something. I happen to be one of those who tuned into Her Snarkiness from the get-to. I seem to recall that your initial "profile" included something to the effect of living with a guy along with Killer Yapp there in New York...Since you are now approaching celebrity status (what with snarklings locating themselves on the map and all), could you please (1) confirm my memory of your having included said boyfriend in the original profile; and (2) give us an update of your current love-slave situation? I mean, are you available or saving yourself for your one true love, Marvin Hamlisch?

No, Mr Ex Man, I'm waiting for you, of course. You missed the siren love call?
Marvin Hamlisch indeed.

Naturally, Miss Snark is married to her work. It's probably just as well, given she's a snark on wheels before nine am.


Maria said...

Miss Snark should remain mysterious--about her identity and her personal life. It's part of her charm.

And a lady never tells, whether she has talons and sharp fangs, or not.

AzGhostWriter said...

I have this image of Miss Snark and don't want to become disillusioned. I believe she is the reincarnation of Bette Davis.

Any takers?