Dear Miss Snark,

What's the worst query letter you ever got? Also, do you sometimes request a partial from a really DREADFUL query just for a good laugh at a party? I'd love to see a book of really terrible queries!

Even really horrible query letters are never stored on my memory "harddrive". I send a rejection, it's off the desktop so to speak. I'd recognize it if it popped up again in two weeks or even a year, but I couldn't tell you what it said without actually reading from the page.

And no, I never request a partial just for a good laugh. I get those from some of the partials I request that started out well. There's a category on my data base "what were you thinking when you asked for this???" and there's at least one entry in that every couple months.

For my daily laugh requirement, I just read the comments section of this blog. Y'all keep me in stitches, and have from the first days (Kitty!!!).


Maxwell said...

Ms. Snark has grace and poise. I would have never been so polite in answering such a leading and creepy question.

Maxwell said...

Omigod! I called Miss Snark ... Ms. It was the brainwashing, I tell ya. I'm very sorry.

Bill Peschel said...

Harlan Ellison wrote an essay about judging a book contest, and one of the entries was so bad, he remembered it, and I've never forgotten.

It was a supernatural story about (are you braced, kids?) a snot vampire.

A snot vampire.