G is for Genre, generalization .. and GIN!

Miss Snark, how do you define "genre?"I've seen it defined in so many ways. What's your take?

Genre is: westerns, mystery, science fiction and fantasy, and romance.

Like non fiction is what is not fiction , genre is the contents of that list.

What makes a novel fit into one of those categories or get described as particular genre is a horse of a different color. I don't spend a lot of time parsing out the difference between a novel of suspense, a thriller, and a novel of crime, and a mystery. Mostly editors who buy in the mystery genre will look at a wide variety of things that can be categorized as mystery generally.

I'm much more likely to say this is a great novel with these elements Piggly, Wiggly and Oink, than I am to say this is a thriller with overtones of romantic suspense.