Get with the program!

A Snarkling wonders about Miss Snark's amazing ability to organize and track royalty statements:

What kind of programs do you use? Simple Microsoft (if anything they did could be called simple...) Excel and Acess? Or is there a program that is better tailored to royalties and your various accounting needs?

Microsoft Office. Entourage for the address book. Excel spread sheets. Simple is good. VERY good. Works like a charm. There are specialty programs but by the time I buy it, learn it, import the data, debug it, and threaten the tech support desk with bloody murder, it's easier to stick with what I know.

One very good thing about using this is that the data is easily exportable to my clients, their accountants and anyone else who needs to take a look.

I have friends who swear by Time and Chaos. I love the name but I don't use it.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Love Excel! This is good to know. Thanks again, Miss Snark. You are making us so smart!(Well some of us, anyhow!)

Crisi said...

Exactly ^_^ I read your blog to learn.
Thanks for answering my question.