Killer Yapp eyes the real estate in Miss Snark's office

A hopeful Snarkling counts her pennies..

Miss Snark, I know you're from the green eyeshades, work-standing-at-your-desk retro school of publishing, but aren't copying costs becoming relics with the advent of electronic submissions? At least that's what I've been told.

Not soon enough. I'm working on my third quarter expenses (ya ya, I'm late, I know) and not having the xerox bill from hell sound just dandy to me -- not to mention the costs of messengering fifty pounds of exciting paper every damn day of the week.

I'd say only about a quarter of my submissions are done electronically.
(I only read things on paper but I always have an e-copy of everything I'm shopping just in case an editor prefers that format.)

One of the things I'm considering is taking e-submissions and printing them out on this end. I'm considering this because it will save space and be much less cumbersome to organize and track. I currently surrender about 45 cubic feet of usable office space to the submission stack. I could use it for Killer Yapp's BarkOLounger.

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Liesl said...

This is especially good news for snarkling from afar!