Kiss and Tell

When you send out simultaneous queries, is it like dating back in high school? Do you let the agent know you're sleeping, whoops, shopping around, and have sent out to other agents.Will they still respect you in the morning?Do most agents accept the idea of simultaneous queries these days?Thanks for your help...enjoy what you say, even when it slaps me in the face.

Almost every agent I know expects queries to be multiple. (If they expect exclusivity, they'll say so explicitly.) You don't even really have to say so in an initial query. If they ask to see a partial or a full, that's when to lay your cards on the table. I always ask people if someone else is looking at a ms when I'm ready to invest some time. It's never a deal breaker, I just want to know if seventeen other beady eyed money grubbers are poised at the offer line.

Sorry about the face slapping part.

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