Laugh riot of the day

A Snarkling very helpfully sent me a link to explain "urban fantasy". I slunk over for a read.

I about dropped my coffee cup.
Turns out I sold a book that is exactly that!
Who knew?

Which just goes to show you don't have to know what it is to:
1. love it
2. take it on
3. describe it
4. sell it

What a hoot!
And no, I don't take SFF at all, so how I ended up with this can only be explained by the first great rule of Snark: writing trumps all.


Mindy Tarquini said...

That's what I write. Magical realism in its varied and far-flung forms. I have to explain it to people all the time. It's hard to explain. I should pick a better defined genre, because it's really hard to figure out from the listings who might be interested in it. Your post today is encouraging. Thanks!

Harry Connolly said...

Urban Fantasy. Or, as you may know it, "magic realism."


domynoe said...

There's a difference between urban fantasy and magical realism. Someone better tell this writer that. :P

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Yikes! I love word pictures...blood drinking elves...was the way my brain boiled down the whole article.

Urban fantasy...cool tag!

Anonymous said...

of course you are known to take a wee nip now and then....maybe with gin lenses it looked like Atwood?

Rachel Vincent said...

I write Urban/Dark Fantasy. I studied Magical Realism in a writing seminar once long, long ago. The two don't merge much, in my humble opinion, in spite of several surface-only similarities. But I like them both.