Miss Snark Captured in a Spam Filter!!

Imagine my surprise to find out an email I sent in response to a query letter had been sucked up in the spam filter. Fortunately the querier saw it and did respond in a timely enough fashion that she didn't get a nice rejection letter for Thanksgiving.

A word to the wise, Snarklings: when you query, even by snail mail, you may hear from us electronically. Don't send us to SpamLand. You won't have our email addresses on your approved list, you'll have to either watch carefully, or use a fresh email address without the spam blockers. The email address I use to write to people is NOT the same one that is on my website, so you can't just add me in to your approved list before hand.

If I email someone with a question I usually only wait about a day or two to hear back, then I send a rejection. I can't let queries sit here for days on end or I'd be buried.


Maria said...

Unfortunately, some services filter and do not show all spam in a folder. I had to stop using a particular service/email because the company decided to install filters at their end. I stopped getting bills and library notices--completely. When I told the company about the problem and even went to the trouble of getting them a bounced email from the library end, their response was that the 'bounced' stuff used non-standard addresses/server identifiers and that any filter would catch it. Untrue. I have two other services and neither of them Stop the emails from coming through. Standards...yup, right...

So sometimes, it is not the snarkling's fault. I love email responses from agents/editors and have gotten several. I did have a couple get "lost" and to this day do not know if it was a filter problem or just that wayward dryer in the sky that sucked them away... Perhaps this is where the luck factors in!

Peter L. Winkler said...

Uhh, how about a fallback strategy, like giving the writer a fast phone call?

Jen said...

Uhh, how about a fallback strategy, like giving the writer a fast phone call?

That could get expensive, depending on where the person who sent the query lives. If it's international, well, international calls aren't cheap, and there'd be no guarantee you wouldn't be caliing in the middle of the night in some cases.

AzGhostWriter said...

I noticed that I'm not getting anymore secret love letters from you lately. Maybe I should write my ISP and find out what's the deal boys!

Geeez...finally find a floozey and can't get her email.

Hey! Magic word is loserboytoughluckforyou what gives?

Jillian said...

OK, I simply must ask, Miss Snark:

What kind of "question" might you ask in regard to a query?

I've had my share of rejections as well as the positive responses, but never in my "querying history" have I received a "question" preceding a rejection!

AzGhostWriter said...

Sorry Jillian, this was too good for me to pass up. Have you ever checked out the Sammy blog? He has the answer that you seek.

Err...never propose until she's pregnant.

Bernita said...

Seems to me this is VERY important advice, especially when an ms is in the query/partial stage.
Who knows what request might be layered and lurking between "enlarge your penis today, bigger cum shots, hot stocks, premium watches...."