Miss Snark Feels the Chill of Fear

I can write an intelligent, compelling, coherent two page synopsis of any book Miss Snark cares to name - except my own. Why, pray tell, does the synopsis of my own novel read like a book report by a dim-witted second grader?

Any chance you want to run 500 word synopses through your crapometer? It'd be shorter than doing first chapters.

I hate synopses. a lot. really.

But, it's probably a good idea.
Crapometer won't be back up till I clear out some of this slush..err...fine reading material.

But, yea, this is a good idea.
Snarklings: start your engines.
500 word synopsis-wordlimit STRICTLY enforced.
If you start working now, you'll be ready.

I'll put the call on the blog and there will be a 12 or 24 hour time window to submit.
Probably December.

Man, I DO want that house in Bermuda now!


Brady Westwater said...

Epistolary novel = House in Bermuda

Emjay said...

Sounds like someone's gonna have to do a whole lot of condensing.

Edie said...

Let us know when you get the house in Bermuda. I'll bring the gin.

Patrick said...

I am not sure if there is a section dedicated to gushing young writers who can sing your praises so I will just leave mine here.

As a young, 21, non-gin drinking writer, I have to say I have never laughed so hard or felt so smart as I have when I read though many of your blog posts. The only one story about writing is funnyer than your blog and it comes from a book I was reading today. It was about people pitching ideas to writers that are "so good" they praticaly write themselves. Something you could write in your free time.

But back to gushing, cause 20 dollar bills wraped around gin bottles don't fit into my mail box, I really enjoy your blog. It's that simple.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Yikes! I just checked, mine is 980 word. I've got work to do!

kaolin fire said...

20,000 nanowrimo-nauts gnash their teeth with joy!

Rhonda Stapleton said...

AWESOME. Thanks, Miss Snark!! And may the force be with you...

Emjay said...

Mine was 1569. Okay, it may have been a little long. The cutting will be painful.

There will be blood.

Kat said...


*looks at synopsis*

... 586 words. So close, dammit. So very close to perfection.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Yuhoo, Miss Snark, were'd ya' go?

I miss your witty banter! Did Mr. Clooney abscond with you while I was away on retreat? I had a hard weekend. I could use some stimulating conversation

Bernita said...

Going to write mine in verse...

Ron Kattawar said...

I lived in Bermuda for four years. It was a fantastic journey filled with adventure and romance.

As a working American, Bermudians were less than accepting. They believe a Bermudian should hold any responsible positions.

American can't buy a home under $500,000, keeping the lower priced housing avaible to Bermudians only.

Aside from the "closed community" it is as close to paradise as I've ever been.

Catja (green_knight) said...

I'm worrying somewhat about the quadrology I am currently revising. Do I query only the first part? (They're not very standalone, they're one long book split into four.) Do I query the first part and mention the others? Do I treat the first one in detail and say 'in parts two three and four, Rhailed and his friends get kidnapped, destroy a famous landmark, uncover the enemy's evil plans and foil every stage of them before making major changes to the governance of their kingdom and making tentative peace overtures?' Do I go into detail for the whole thing?