Miss Snark Polishes Her Spectacles

Much like the tabby cat who brings a mouse, Snarklings like to drop odd things on Miss Snark's doorman while she's out replenishing the gin pail. To wit: AutumnBridge

This is the start of the guidelines page:

Please read our guidelines thoroughly before you even think of submitting manuscripts, poems, novels, etc., and even before you pitch any ideas to us. Get to know us well. Read through our website. Examine the work of the artists and writers we include. Failure to follow these guidelines will severely hinder your chances of being published.

First, a few important points!

1) Artists and Writers only may submit. We do not work with agents!

Miss Snark, suitably chastened, nonetheless looks around for what these oh-so-selective people are publishing.

Now, it's true Miss Snark is not as young as she once was. In fact, Killer Yapp has been known to be passed off as a seeing eye dog but usually only at 2am after a night of revelry.

So, perhaps it's just Miss Snark's failing peepers that ..can it be?...there are no publications listed other than the site owner's book of poems?

Snarklings, say it isn't so! Tell me I'm overlooking the raft of Artists and Writers this man has oh so nobly assisted. Fie on ISBN numbers! Fie on Agents! This is ART by god, and you are ENTITLED to be heard.

Miss Snark waits with bated breath. Well, ok it was tuna on rye so it's more like baited, but oh well.


Unknown said...

My favorite part of the site is where he says that he writes in the 'venues' of
culture, sports, cars and...

Apparently, the 'we' he refers to at Autmnbridge Media does not include an editor.

Richard said...

I notice he favors "biting themes."

Dee said...

Autumnbridge Media....sounds artsy fartsy to me.

Any place which doesn't welcome an agent is no place for me...pant, pant, pant!
(I'm a good dog, want to replace Killer Yapp with me? You do serve him Steak and Eggs, don't you?)

Kelly Gardiner said...

His crime (besides the melodramatic number of exclamation marks) might be talking up his "small press" into something that sounds a little more grand than it really is - and a little more pretentious than it should.
Looks like it's so small that authors couldn't expect such tiny details as royalties (what's 15% of ten bucks?). So of course the staff of one (and published stable of one) has no desire to be arguing about contracts with an agent.
There's an awful lot of this around - it's like an online extension of vanity publishing.
But hey, as you say, it's ART. People don't get paid for that, do they?

Saundra Mitchell said...

His crime is being a bullshit artist. He wants authors to give him their books for no advance and no royalties; he will print these books at no cost to himself because he refuses to shell out for the ISBNs that would allow the book to be sold at such fine online markets at B&N and Amazon, *and* he expects people to review on command in the collaborative spirit of artisthood.

The reason Autumnbridge Media doesn't work with agents is because agents know it's a scam.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Looking at it from a different view, I see his site as an attempt to legitimize his "publishing house" so that distributors and retailers will not look at his book as self-published so it actually has a chance of getting on the shelves somewhere.

Miss Snark said...

Dave, he doesn't offer ISBNs. As you know, no ISBN means no retail outlet will touch it.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Oh? Ouch, indeed!

This points to another publisher criteria to soon be added to the P&E site.

occasional_anonymous said...

Dave's right though in that increasing numbers of self-publishers are forming tiny presses in order to evade the s-p stigma. So far I haven't failed to spot the true nature of these 'credits', but they may get more sophisticated in time.

Shadow said...

Oh dear. I may be preparing to launch into shark infested waters, but:

I am starting a small publishing house of my own and although all I've published so far is 2 of my own books (yes, I shelled out for ISBN's) I'm trying to solicit manuscripts from other people. No POD. Royalties: yes. Advances: not yet. Amazon/Ingram: no; their discount is what pumps up cover prices so high. Pricing strategy: buy trade paperbacks directly from me at mass market cover prices. My plan is to position myself as a "midlist" publisher, making moderate sums on larger numbers of titles than shooting for the moon with any single one.

Potential problem: being seen as a scammer. I thought of contacting P&E personally from the git go and give them the low-down on my outfit, hopefully enlisting them as allies. (I've been in touch with them before about a questionable agent; one I thought was questionable, anyway. Got a personal response and everything from Victoria. They're great.)

If it's ok with the divine Miss S, I'll post again when the new website is up and running.

Anonymous said...

I hate to interject, but I need to clarify a few things.

First off, the owner and the author are two different people. Friends, who are trying to bring art from under the radar to a level of the surface.

Secondly, Autumnbridge is not a "serious" publishing. Youy may consider it as part of the 'zine faction who says "screw the rules" and try to do things on their own.

Thirdly, the author has been criticized by being a "hack," but both the author and the proprietor of Autumnrbridge getting known in their local community, abeit in small steps.

Granted, Autumnbridge does not have the funds to get ISBN numbers, but as a tiny press, they are learning. Theyw ill have the right venue to be able to afford ISBN numbers and get proprer distribution. Give them time!