More on Nicole's "book"

The subject of Nicole Richie's "book" is a sore one among many of the snarklings who have burned up a hole in the comments line with disgust at the news she's getting a book published.

It took those imps over at Jossip to remind Miss Snark that Nicole Richie's book is just an extension of her "brand". Like perfume for Calvin Klein -- but with less quality control (although, in truth, the quality does seem to fit dear Nicole like a glove).

I hate books being used like accessories. I hate it a lot. Is Jane Friedman, the CEO of Harper Collins, going to throw up her hands in despair to hear that? Newp. Miss Jane is going to dance all the way to her profit and loss statements and laugh in Miss Snark's face.

Even Miss Snark needs to be reminded that publishing is a business and we ain't in this for our health when she gets all snarky about who deserves a book deal.

The only people who can stop this craziness are readers. Ain't the free market system grand?


Dave Kuzminski said...

Don't forget bathed in her aurora. ;)

Tami P said...

Well, although I am not one of them, there are plenty of people that will buy the book, and enjoy it. Isn't that what books are really all about, giving people something they will enjoy? Who's to account for taste?

There is a fool-proof option for the snarklings that are in such a turmoil over someone else getting published, and it's a simple one. Don't buy it.

The day someone tries to pry my hard earned cast out of my hand to buy something I don't want, is the day I'll have a hissy-fit over a book being published that I don't think is fit to see the light of day. (How do ya like that for a sentence to chew on? heehee)

Otherwise, let those who want it, have it.

Maxwell said...

At least she's not writing children’s books ... yet.

That really aggravates me. Celebrities look at the long term royalty prospects of getting their own line of kid lit and cash in. Then they get to rot the minds of the youth with their own myopic world-views. Hurray for celebrity! It’s the world's favorite commodity.

Kelly said...

Another thing to remember is that a book like this will attract readers who might never have read a book before. There's always potential in that.

BorderMoon said...

Okay, I give up. Who is Nicole Richie? Is she one of those "reality show" people?

Feisty said...

Oh my. One more piece of junk to ignore in the pop culture media blaze. You know, if this society wasn't so mesmerized by celebrity, it might have a chance. As it is, the entertainment media is a self-perpetuating bundle of camel dung spinning on it's own head.

But then, if this allows ten unknowns to publish a book maybe it's ok.

Alphabet101 said...

I just love how Miss Snark puts the word "book" in air quotes!

I know you are right Your Snarkiness, but your ability to tip your hat to the publishing industry didn't do much to unruffle my feathers. Yes, she has a platform. Yes, pre-teens all over the US will race to the bookstores to buy it, just as they did when Paris wrote her book. But for the love of literature, I just want to bitch slap the publishing industry!

I'll get over it. I just needed a day to sulk. In the end, her "book" did do something for me - it got me in front of my keyboard where I've been editing and polishing, editing and polishing. Thanks Nicole!

Kat said...

I second bordermoon. I've never heard of this person in my life. Um, I guess she's in some way important...?

Stacie Penney said...

A positive spin could be placed on this. Your snarky goodness has relayed the information that out of every five books, 2 break even, 1 makes money and 2 fail miserably. If publishing a "book" by Nicole Ritchie increases the chance of having two others fail and two break even, I'll take the risk. Then perhaps, mine will be one of the four that balance that scale.

Peter L. Winkler said...

"But then, if this allows ten unknowns to publish a book maybe it's ok."

It doesn't. It just sucks more breathable air out of the room. If the book makes money, everyone responsible will be congratulated, some will be promoted and they will look for other celebrities to attach a piece of crap ghostwritten novel to.

They fatten the bottom line, but there will be no noblesse oblige for even one writer who is a nobody.

Bunneh said...

I realize and respect that publishing is, first and foremost, a business, but isn't this a bit like watching an empty-headed high-school dropout get accepted above a slew of qualified applicants?

I went back and re-read the excerpt, wondering if maybe my first impression had been too hard (it wasn't), when something truly frightening struck me:

That novel was once unedited.