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I queried a particular agent at a multi-agent firm. Within a couple weeks I received a form rejection. A week or so later, I read that the agent I queried is now out on her own, forming a new agency. The old agency has since taken on two new agents. Should I bother querying the old or new one again? The old agency's website says that if you query one, you don't need to query any others...but is that true in a situation like this?

Of course you should query the agent in his/her new digs. S/he's probably looking for fresh meat...err..I mean New and Improved Clients.

It's not going to hurt to re-query the old agency either. I work alone so I don't know what happens to query letters addressed to someone no longer there but my best guess is they get funneled to the new guy/gal on the roster who has a stack of mail that looks like the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

Requery the agency but don't mention the previous query. And address it to the newer agents.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Snark,

Thanks for the advice! I had a feeling my timing was just particularly poor the last time around, but it helps to have someone in the industry agree that querying again won't (probably, anyway) put me on any blacklists of irritating authors!