Preemptarooooo, I love youuuu

Okay, I'll bite. What's a preempt?

A pre-empt is when a publisher coughs up enough dough to keep all the other players off the field. They say I'll give you x gazillion dollars and you tell everyone else drooling onto your doorstep that the project is sold.

It's ALSO when you hold an auction and only get one bid. We call those preempts rather than "ooops".


Darby said...

My goodness. This happens? I really should write a novel.

Darby said...

Actually, first I should become a celebrity, then write a novel.

brainlesionssuck said...

You're cracking me up way too much not to blogroll you...hope that's okay.

Kathie at housewifecafe.com

Susan Henderson said...

Ha! That's funny.

Carter said...

What if you gave an auction and no one bid? Wouldn't that be the "Oooops"?