Robbing Peter to pay Snark

Do agents take on people who are self-publishing?

No. Agents make their money by taking a percentage of the money paid to an author by a publisher. If the publisher and the author are the same person, the agent didn't sell the book and thus, no commission.


AzGhostWriter said...

I think the upside is that you wouldn't have to worry about those pesky royality statements.

litagent said...

Well, I think you need to clarify. An agent might take on someone who has self-published and the book(s)did very well (Read: thousands of copies sold over a relatively short number of months). If the author is looking to have a larger mainstream publisher to publish a new edition of the already-proven book (which DOES happen, though rarely), OR to publish a new book by the author, then absolutely the agent would at least consider it. But Miss Snark is right -- there has to be money in there somewhere. (And in theory, as I think about it, there might be some opportunities for subrights sales as well, even with a self-published book, so I wouldn't dismiss the idea out of hand.)