Take the Last Train from Snarkville, I'll meet you at the Station

Any among the devotion of Snarklings in the environs of New York City will find this event of interest: an evening to "meet the lit mags", all those super cool (ie small) literary magazines that publish groovy hipster writing.

Miss Snark will be there. Killer Yapp chaperones.

Here's the link
to more info and directions. Yes, it's in Brooklyn but it won't kill you, it's one stop on the L from Snarkville.

Thanks to Flavorpill for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

...Why the seeming (at least to me) implication that the event's being in Brooklyn is a negative thing, or do you just mean going to Brooklyn may be an inconvenience travel-wise, or maybe you mean both? Are some Manhattanites that provincial and that stoned-addicted to the Manhattan air pollution that they can't go a short distance away from Manhattan without experiencing withdrawal symptoms? (Not that Brooklyn's air is necessarily any better.) I admit I'm sensitive about this stuff because I often hear snobby people making snide comments/implications about Brooklyn, especially snobby people from Manhattan, which really pisses me off for a number of reasons.

Richard Feynman was born in Brooklyn, so (I think) was Barbra Streisand, Mae West, Maurice Sendak, Mary Tyler Moore, and Woody Allen; Norman Mailer was supposedly raised in Brooklyn. It's one of the least fake places in the world, IMO.

Brooklyn-Born Fran

harridan said...

Oh good heavens!

I now have a song running through my head.

Words being:

Take the last train from Clarksville and I'll meet you at the station"

Teehee! Anyone? Anyone want to show their age by knowing the group?

Sorry, stuck on a chapter and needed LIGHT. LOL

harridan said...

And no, Miss Snark can't comment.

It's obvious she knows the group as the song was the tagline of her comment.

Harridan the harried

Carter said...

The Monkees.

God, I'm old! Anybody else out there care to name them?

Anonymous said...

Duh--I originally only had one name after Feynman, and when I added more names, I forgot to change a verb tense. This "so (I think) was Barbra Streisand..." should probably be "so (I think) were Barbra Streisand...." Eh, I probably should have constructed that whole sentence differently.

I think The Monkees were and are so cool!

Miss Snark said...

The Monkees: Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Mickey Dolenz.

Sheesh. Trivial Pursuit games make this stuff old hat!

And Fran, sorry to say, there ARE people in Manhattan who think going under the East River is stepping off the edge of the earth. Silly them. We all know the edge of the world starts at the Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I see different sources give different birthplaces for Feynman. Some say Brooklyn, others say Far Rockaway, and still others say "New York City." There seems to be some confusion between his supposed birthplace and where he was supposedly raised.

I wonder which area is his correct birthplace. Or maybe they're all correct. Maybe many Feynmans exist in alternate universes. Excuse me while I talk to myself.

Miss Snark said...

Far Rockaway IS in Brooklyn, and Brooklyn IS in New York City so all of them are correct.

Anonymous said...

...I used to think Far Rockaway was a part of Brooklyn/Kings County, but not only is Far Rockaway considered its own area, it's also considered part of Queens/Queens County.

Here's a Wikipedia entry on it


Here's a real estate page from The New York Times


"New York City" is used for both Manhattan by itself and the five boroughs taken as a whole, so when people use New York City, what they mean isn't always clear, IMO. As applied to Feynman, to me it sounds as if some sources could mean New York City as in Manhattan. I think the naming w.r.t. "New York City" really can be a very confusing nomenclature system....

Unknown said...

The old rule of thumb was if you have to take a 'B' or a 'T'' - you are no longer in New York.

Miss Snark said...

I'm looking at the Ultimate and Definitive Guide for All Things New York: The NFT guide. Far Rockaway it turns out IS in Queens but at the end of the A train. So "Far" out that some parts of Connecticut are closer.