Today's nitwit

Miss Snark is reading novels. Unpublished novels of course; Miss Snark is reading the "yes I'll read your novel, send it along" submission stack.

I'm reading Novel Q for the second time. When I read it the first time, I thought the author had a pretty good book up till page 200 and then it fell apart like he'd lost not only his focus but his will to live. Miss Snark wrote him a two page letter with comments.

Back comes the revised version. I'm is reading merrily along, slowly realizing this thing doesn't hold up well in a second reading. And then, here it is. The exact same stuff that made me crazy the first time. Exactly.

Here's a big fat clue: if you think an agent's comments are not in line with your vision of the book or you don't intend to revise with those comments in mind...DON'T SEND IT AGAIN.

Find someone who agrees with your vision, since you clearly think the comments are off base.

This nitwit got two pages of comments before.
This time it's the form letter.
Singed at the edges.


Sonarbabe said...

'Tis why I take to mind agents suggestions. I had an agent ask for a full ms (yep, I was on cloud 9, I won't lie) only to give me a personal rejection stating that I had too many POV switches. Now, I've read MANY romances where the authors swap heads more than a person suffering from multiple personality disorder, but I took his comments and am revising to change that. I don't think he would ever take me on, but I took his advice. (Hey, he took the time to give it to me, so I should prolly listen up!)

2 pages of comments? Wow. I got a paragraph. That should have tipped off said person. That's just me.

Feisty said...

That's not even funny, but what's even not funnier is that I've heard a very well published author (100 some books) say that if you disagree with an editor or agent's notes, just disregard them, send the book back in a few months, and they'll never know the difference.

Apparently, he was not talking about Miss Snark.

Rick said...

feisty -

One problem with that 100-book author is that, at best, they're thinking of how things possibly worked decades ago when they were first starting out.

The other problem, I would suspect, is sheer arrogance.

Anonymous said...

There are very few books I forget - and even then I know that I have read them. If I can't remember plot/characters/cool events or witty lines, that does not speak well of the book at all.

Mostly I'll recognise what made me dislike a book first time around.

Catja (green_knight) [blogger hates Macs and won't let me log in]

laurow said...

Flip side of this one.
I had a friend whose dissertation chair okayed most of his final draft, but asked that he switch the order of chapters 3 and 5.
Off he goes for three months, revises and reorders his argument and resubmits it.
Gets it back. Comments? Mostly fine, but switch chapters 3 and 5.
(Switch the plates.)