Verily, do you suque?

Miss Snark, I'm far from published but I've won awards for writing in the past, and I like to believe I'm good at it -- maybe not incredible, maybe not great, but a solid performer anyway. I've finished a novel and I've done my homework in querying agents, but all I've gotten is "sorry, not right for us," time and time again. Verily, I suck?

Ah, the age old conundrum: good but not good enough. Verily, you sucketh not probably. You just aren't offering up something that is in the 98th and above percentile. Which means if you write in the 96th or 97th percentile, you're writing damn good stuff..but not quite right.

I'm sure it must be maddening.

All I can say is, hold on to those pages and run them through the Snarkometer when it comes back from vacation in Fargo North Dakota. Maybe I can give you more specific comments once I see it.

Till then, soak up some really good books and tune your eye for great writing. Latest example of a guy who breaks every rule in the book and yet is mesmerizing: Matches by Alan Kaufman. It's about war, be forewarned.

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