Was it XLibris Nigeria?

I sent out my novel to agents for about 3 months under a pen name. I now have wonderful agent.

Today I received an e-amil from Xlibris, the Random House Ventures- yes, self-publishing - sent to my e-mail, the name on my e-mail address not even close to my pen name. The e-mail states that they have information about my wonderful writing. I have never had any communication with Random House for any reason, and the only people I ever used the pen name for any communication were agents. So, logically, who could have given my pen name out and my e-mail address? I chose only reputable agents, so am somewhat pissed that I even received this.

Are there agents out there giving out names to Xlibris? do they get a cut? What does Miss Snark think before I drink the entire bottle of Grey Goose as an antidote for cynicsm.

Step away from the bottle.
In fact, hand it over to Miss Snark for safekeeping.

There are all sorts of ways your email info can fall into the hands of the Empire. Just using your email on websites will render a snatch and grab. Log onto Writers Digest? They've got it.
Log onto the Random House website? They've got it.

How did you get the names of the agents who take e-queries? Someone's got your info there now too.

I have no idea if agents sell their mailing lists. I've never heard of such a thing. I've never been asked for mine, and I have a list of rejections that would choke a horse. Heck, a herd of horses.
I wonder how much they pay? I need a new mink coat this winter...and Killer Yapp needs new snow booties.

Email may be fast and efficient but it's not fool proof and I'm the fool who can prove it....wait, that came out wrong.

I guess I better give back that sadly depleted bottle.


Cornelia Read said...

See the "Trolling for Suckers" post on Lee Goldberg's blog... http://leegoldberg.typepad.com/

Sounds like everyone got this email but me.

s.w. vaughn said...

Splendid! I got this e-mail too. Whaddaya say: I'll drop my publisher, you drop your agent, and we'll all go to Xlibris and pay them a few hundred bucks in return for our no-doubt monumental share of those $1.6 million in royalties, plus an affiliation with Random House* (*Ventures)!

Where do I sign?

Carter said...

Yeah. I've gotten this one on both my e-mail addresses. I don't even open them, and they are now on my spam filter. I did consider stringing them along for a while to make that e-mail cost them something, even if just time, but I really don't have time to waste on idiots.

Linda Maye Adams said...

Not only have I received email spam from self-publishing companies, one actually called me. I told her bluntly no and hung up.

As a side note, my co-writer and I were rejected by 60+ agents. There are people who would have gone to self-published after that many rejections. We went back and rewrote--and wouldn't have the much better story we have now if we'd self-published.

Kimi Dreams said...

Wow this must be a sign that I'm destined to make money selling books. I got one to and I haven't even published yet! Awesome!

pauljessup said...

Hmm. I got one as well. I deleted it the moment I saw it was from Xlibres. Didn't they use to be like cafe press- publish for free, but give the author very little royalties? Either way, 99.87% chance it was not from your agent.

Peter L. Winkler said...

Xlibris is employing some bots that are scouring blogs and web sites looking for key words-write, writer, etc.-and if they see these they suck up the e-mail address.

They also simply bought e-mail addresses from Blogger a while back. Their first e-mail to me even said as much.

No big mystery here.