What IS it with y'all and office supplies?

Do you own stock in Office Depot? Or you just have money to burn?

I'm doing the slush pile. So far today it's barely 9am and I have 36 paperclips, two binders and a folder. Guess where they are now? That's right.

Grandmother Snark taught us to not be wasteful so this offends my sense of balance in the universe. What in the name of all Snark am I going to do with a binder that has YOUR NAME on it? Or a folder with an address sticker with your name on it? They're certainly not going to stay here, particularly if I'm sending you a "sorry not right for us letter". Not even the neighborhood bag lady who culls the refuse bins wants these, let alone the roughnecks passing for schoolchildren who live in the building.

Quit it!

Rubberbands if you must, but just pages is best. Nothing else. And no, you are not the one exception to this rule no matter how cute your rubberstamped Hello Kitty folder is.


E. J. Knapp said...

I feel compelled to ask: do folks really send in manuscripts in Hello Kitty folders? Please say it ain't so.

LargeCrepe said...

I think it's a basic fear - us newbie authors imagine Snark's office window wide open--NYC smog/breeze scattering pages about the office.
Hang on--does slush scatter with breeze?

Miss Snark said...

oh yes indeed. Hello Kitty folders have arrived. Killer Yapp takes it as a personal affront to his canine dominion.

And Crepe, it's winter. I only open the windows to scream when I'm on the phone to recalcitrant editors. And besides, that's why you number the pages.

And yes, pages scatter. Even if you send them in Hello Kitty folders with sixteen binder clips, I eventually have to read the thing so the pages have to come out/undone.

Jo Bourne said...

Boxes. Howsabout we put the ms neatly in a manuscript-fitting box.

Imagine the possibilities.

You could .. like ...
stack 'em.
Build modular furniture.
Toss them long distances, awarding extra points for height and spin.
Mail them to editors.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Even those boxes get expensive. five sets of two(box in a box) is $20.

Harry Connolly said...

If I don't get rid of my office supplies somehow, I won't have an excuse to shop for more.

I love office supply stores.

Dave Kuzminski said...

I have in the past used large ziplock bags capable of holding a manuscript. Why? Because I received one back in the mail that had mildew on it causing said agent to not want it. Another was returned in damaged condition by the post office. Furthermore, at certain times of the year, the humidity in my locale is sufficient to cause that so sealing the manuscript in that manner proved doubly useful for preventing moisture from reaching the paper and for keeping it together.

If the agent kept the bag, that was fine with me. They're inexpensive.

Bernita said...

Freezer bags. Cool!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Dave, that is a fabulous idea, thanks!